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What Does Customer Success Management Really Mean in Business?

What Does Customer Success Management Really Mean in Business?

What is Customer Success?At the end of the day, the success of your business comes down to the people that matter most—your customers.

And keeping customers happy is where the concept of customer success management comes in. But what does a customer success management team look like and what does it mean for your customers?

Right now, it seems to vary from company to company. A customer success management team may look like they’re part of a customer support operation, or can sometimes fall under a sales unit, with the end game of trying to up-sell a product or service.

Customer success management is also focused on the idea of adoption. What do we mean by that exactly? Adoption is the ability to turn your customers from mere beginner users of your product or service into true advocates.

This means that sometimes new ways of working need to be put into place and getting people to adopt a new way of doing things can be difficult and can take up precious time. Time is even harder to give up when people are unwilling to commit because they’re not convinced by either the new processes or the outcome.

So naturally, we wanted to know more about how people feel about having to incorporate change into their work lives. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we asked more than 400 people their thoughts on adopting new ways of working in their day-to-day jobs.

Here’s what we learned.

What's the most likely thing to put you off using a new tool?Only 11% said they were happy with their current workflow and/or with the tools they use. Yet 27% said a lack of time to understand new tools or processes was the reason for not wanting to adopt. The primary reason however? A lack of training and awareness of new tools or ways of working.

How open are you to new ways of working?

Interestingly, 61% of respondents to our survey said they’d be happy to learn something new if it improved their current workflow, but only 31% said they’d actively seek it out. Here’s where the importance of having ‘buy-in’ comes into play.

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Without buy-in, your business isn’t going to get very far. If people aren’t aware of what you’re offering and how it directly benefits them, then you’re looking at a potentially small margin of success. This is also where adoption turns into customer engagement.

If people are using (and liking) your product or service then they’ll most likely be more inclined to help teams like product and marketing in their own campaigns. Your customer begins to become your partner, an advocate—and best of all, you have a relationship built on value and appreciation.

How do you ensure you’re driving adoption within your organization? Have more questions about customer success management? Let us know!

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