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Customer Spotlight on UX Punk: Apps with Attitude

Customer Spotlight on UX Punk: Apps with Attitude

Long live the power of punk! UX Punk that is. We love hearing how innovative folks are working to integrate the power of our online surveys with their own tools so we’re excited to be shining our customer spotlight on UX Punk–Apps with Attitude, who provide testing tools for UX designers.

Some of you might be asking yourself—What the heck is UX? Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you. UX stands for User Experience and refers to everything that affects how someone interacts with a particular product. If you’re a UX designer, that means you love to ask users questions—something we can totally relate to.

By asking questions and studying how people use a product, they can take that information and use it to make the product as user-friendly as possible. They also need to make sure that it satisfies whatever its business function may be. Here to share with us some of their ultimate UX expertise and let you in on survey integration tips ‘n tricks is Sarah from UX Punk.

Okay, before we get a little too carried away over here with typin’ X’s–Take it away, Sarah!

The whole point behind using SurveyMonkey‘s awesome survey tools is to get feedback. Understanding your audience is vital, and some great online tools make that job a whole heckuva lot easier. Here at UX Punk, we provide the same kind of awesomeness in a similar way with a pair of online tools designed to get some very specific and critical feedback from your users: and

WebSort enables you to conduct studies online to help you understand how your audience organizes and categorizes information. It’s particularly helpful when designing a site map for a website, menus for programs or a documentation system for your company files. Arrangements that make sense to you may baffle potential customers or frustrate your clients–getting their input up front prevents that.

Setting up a study is easy and free. Just list your content items and they will appear in the study as separate cards that your users can sort into groups that make sense to them. Send a link to your potential participants and watch the data come in. There are even five different ways to look at the information to help you be confident about your conclusions.

Once you’ve got a plan for how you want your site/program/files to be organized, PlainFrame lets your users validate it. Plug in your organization structure and set up tasks for your participants like ‘How would you get in touch with our support center?’ or ‘Where would you go to request a quote?’  Instead of guessing that your audience will be able to use your shiny new setup, you’ll know for sure. Data even includes an instant replay of each participant’s mouse movements, so you’ll know what they tried, where they looked and how long it took. Pretty nifty!

With so many tools to choose from, it’s nice to know you don’t have to pick just one. Not only do WebSort and PlainFrame dovetail nicely in a project, we’ve got special love for SurveyMonkey too. Use SurveyMonkey before or after a WebSort study to tap into all of that survey goodness, and with some simple tips from our blog, you can link them together so that you can give your participants a smooth experience and cross-reference the results.

Listening to your audience and improving usability has never been easier!

Interested in learning more about User Experience? Click here.

Seeking more UX tips and tricks for your next project? Check out UX Punk and don’t forget to leave us your questions and feedback in the Comments section below.

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