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April is National Poetry Month: Customer Spotlight on Sublime Rhyme

April is National Poetry Month: Customer Spotlight on Sublime Rhyme

The month of April isn’t just reserved for showers and flowers–it’s also National Poetry Month! In honor of all the budding bards and poets out there, we’re very pleased to shine our spotlight on one of our amazing customers from across the pond–Helen B. of Sublime Rhyme–a commission-based poetry service based in the United Kingdom.

Tell us how you keep it funky with SurveyMonkey, Helen!

Sublime Rhyme provides original verse for any purpose, be it a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary, or a summary of a research report. Since launching in 2011, Sublime Rhyme has been commissioned to write verse for christenings, wedding anniversaries, unique Christmas greetings for businesses, Father’s Day, new babies, and many other purposes.

Both short poems, and lengthy speeches have been produced. Sublime Rhyme has also written poems to mark the redevelopment of local enterprises and a performance piece for a children’s event. We pride ourselves on offering a unique method of capturing personal information in a succinct and sensitive way. Our poems are individually crafted in order to evoke the required emotion from our recipients. We’re also accustomed to campaigning through rhyme and we’ve written poetic versions of campaign reports and literature by the Refugee Council and Prison Reform Trust.

We started using SurveyMonkey as a way of gaining useful feedback on individual poems. Once the poem’s finished, after the drafting process is complete–and the customer’s happy–we send a link to our SurveyMonkey questionnaire and ask our customers to provide us feedback.

It’s all very well asking people to write a ‘testimony’, but generating quantitative responses about satisfaction and the experience of commissioning a poem would not be possible without SurveyMonkey. Their platform is extremely straightforward to use. The questionnaire we designed is very short and specific, therefore we can confidently tell customers that it will take them less than two minutes to complete the survey.

The survey enables us to ask customers about how they felt about the process of commissioning a poem, as the process is designed to be an enjoyable and novel experience for the customer. We also ask if they might consider commissioning future poems and if they’d recommend Sublime Rhyme to friends and family.

How our customers find out about us is also important data to collect. In the past, we used to spend quite a lot of time attending fairs in order to promote Sublime Rhyme, and while that provided useful networking opportunities, it wasn’t necessarily attracting business. In sending out surveys, we learn how most of our customers hear about us–very useful information for future business decisions and planning–and we gain important insight from them on our current poetic process.

Interested in commissioning an original poem? Click here to get started. If you’re based in the United Kingdom, Sublime Rhyme also provides poetry workshops and performances. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Questions for Sublime Rhyme? Let them know in the Comments section below and Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!

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