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Laughspin: Comedy Site Uses Survey Data for Content Creation

Laughspin: Comedy Site Uses Survey Data for Content Creation

All of us here at SurveyMonkey are big fans of comedy–we monkeys love to laugh, what can we say? So we were pretty tickled to learn how, “your online hub for all things comedy”, use the data that they collect from their surveys to help them with creating unique content for their site.

The site’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, Dylan P. Gadino, took some time out of his day to chat with us about how learning what’s readers have to say about their favorite comedians, TV shows or movies have helped inform his team on what to write more, or less, about.

It’s all you, Dylan!

Ask any established website editor or manager what the single most important element of their success is and they’ll likely respond with “viewer engagement.” It’s a clinical business term, for sure, but interestingly, it’s accomplished only when the most creative forces behind the site act organically to give the masses what they want.

And our masses–the readers and viewers of–want the latest in thoughtful and entertaining coverage on the world of comedy. Although we might make it look easy-breezy, bringing our readers the best in comedy news, interviews, videos, opinions and more is anything but. It takes some serious behind-the-scenes analysis in order to get at the good stuff. No analysis? No engagement.

True engagement doesn’t stop at simply getting people to come to your website either. Just like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, websites need to keep their customers coming back for more; those customers have to feel motivated to tell their friends about you, and so on. The more visitors to your site that linger longer, the more likely your website’s ads will be seen and/or clicked on and the easier it will be to sell those ads. Even though it may not be all that exciting to think about, ads are still one of the main revenue streams for successful websites. No ads? No content for your audience and content is key.

2012 Readers Choice Comedy Awards

Surveys help us with that all-important content piece and using SurveyMonkey allows us to bring together two worlds: Data and number-crunching with reader-driven editorial content. Recently, we used SurveyMonkey to generate a year-end readers’ poll where we asked our audience to vote for their favorite comedian, television show, movie and more out of twelve categories. And while I could’ve guessed at some of the results we received the day the poll went live, I was surprised with others. Those surprises represent valuable information for us and will help shape our future coverage.

For example, FX Network comedy, Archer turned out to be our readers’ favorite animated comedy show of 2012. It was more than twice as popular as The Simpsons and beat out Seth MacFarlane’s incredibly popular, Family Guy, by four percentage points. So after we finished analyzing our data, what did the results tell us? Well, for one, we should increase our already robust coverage of Archer. But it also tells us something about our readership, namely that our readers are comedy nerds, and dare I say, a bit more discerning about their comedy than the Average Joe.

We also use surveys for some quick fun–like when we asked our readers what they thought of Girls star Lena Dunham’s pose on a recent cover of Rolling Stone. 45% of our readership said they were, “Totally into it.”

As you can see, we’re totally into using SurveyMonkey’s graph option to display results.

While we’ll continue using SurveyMonkey in the same ways we’ve talked about, we’ll also start using the product to begin gathering even more in-depth information about our audience demographic and hopefully only speed up’s complete comedy domination of Earth!

More laughter in the world? Sounds great to us! To get up to speed on all things comedy, please visit

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