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Listen, Learn, Live: “Increasing Customer Loyalty One Survey at a Time”

Listen, Learn, Live: “Increasing Customer Loyalty One Survey at a Time”

Survey methodology and design. Analytics. Making customers happy. Keep ’em coming, these are phrases we here at SurveyMonkey just love to hear, see, speak–you name it. Nashville-based Listen, Learn, Live LLC–a customer experience consulting company–shares our passion for listening to customers and learning how to keep them engaged and happy.

Take a guess as to what they use to help accomplish their mission? That’s right. Online surveys help bring in those important insights needed in order for Listen, Learn, Live to create an optimal experience for their customer base.

Donna Drehmann, President and owner of Listen, Learn, Live LLC, shares how she uses SurveyMonkey to help her customers learn how to work smarter and start to “listen, learn and live”!

Donna Drehmann, President & Owner

We’re in the business of helping other businesses and organizations of any size increase their customer loyalty and growth potential. Listening to your customers, Learning from what they tell you, and Living the customer experience that they expect will increase your loyalty and your revenue. Happy customers spend more for the same service, make repeat purchases and tell others about your company. We believe in helping you work smarter, not harder!

Our tagline–“Are You Listening?”–challenges the business owner to respond and decide if they want to take action. The premise is simple: If you’re not listening to your customers and learning from what they tell you, then you should be. We get our customer feedback program started by performing a Needs Assessment to create a unique customer feedback survey and utilizing our proven Guiding Principles–surveys should be actionable, each response should have an owner, and don’t ask a question that your company should already know. Our surveys are designed specifically for your business, with your customers in mind.

For the most part, businesses “don’t know what they don’t know” about how their customer experience stacks up, and so a gap exists–a gap that’s costing money. We close that gap by getting real feedback from real customers. Some may be fearful of asking for feedback because they suspect it will be negative. However, the majority of it is often positive so businesses lose out on the opportunity to market themselves to others if they don’t take the opportunity to collect those insights from customers.

We chose to use SurveyMonkey to serve our customers because it’s a flexible and dynamic platform that adapts easily to the changing needs of our clients. Their analysis features allows us to organize and segment our data in a clear format making it easy for our clients to understand. Being able to include our client’s logo within the survey design and customize it to match their color scheme and language also makes it easy for us to seal the deal.

The data we’ve obtained for our clients with SurveyMonkey has led to a reduction in duplication of work, an increase in efficiencies, the redesign of a marketing campaign (now aimed at what they do well) and an increase in customer referrals. All data that’s valuable to our clients–bringing them more revenue, making them efficient, and reminding them what they’re good at.

Here’s an example:

Is your company looking to get actionable insights? Want to learn how to improve your customers’ experience? Be sure to visit Listen, Learn, Live LLC and leave your questions for Donna in the Comments section!

Don’t forget to check out our many customer satisfaction and market research survey templates available for you here.

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