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Introducing Gardenhill Elementary: Students Choose Their School Lunch Menus

Introducing Gardenhill Elementary: Students Choose Their School Lunch Menus

My name is Quetzal and I’m a student at Gardenhill Elementary. My class–a La Mirada 5th grade class–consists of 34 students. Although we sometimes drive our teacher crazy, she loves us because we are all awesome.

The teachers and staff at my school recently noticed that there was a lot of food waste at lunch, so they sent my class and I out to find answers.

We wanted to find out how to create and promote a five day lunch menu that meets our school district‘s nutritional guidelines and reduces food waste at our school. Because it is so easy to use, my teacher had us all use SurveyMonkey. No one had a single problem using this website, and we were easily able to print out our surveys, enter the data, and organize the results.

Here are some of them:

Almost half (49%) throw their lunch away because they don’t like the food that day.

This is what’s been for lunch:

We like chicken tenders the best and then brunch for lunch. Plus, it’s fun to say. Next, we wanted to find out what would be the most popular lunch items for our new menu.

Here’s what we learned:

There was a tie between pasta with meatballs and burgers for the #1 spot. Bread sticks with marinara sauce came in second.

We created the menus based on the results we fished up, and then presented our findings to district personnel. We’re now seeing improvements in our lunch, and food waste is slowly lessening. Thanks to our surveys with SurveyMonkey, we made a difference at our school!

Hurray! We’re really happy that we were able to help Quetzal and her classmates with their lunch menu decisions. To check out more photos from their exciting lunch menu survey event day, head over to our Flickr page and click here.


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