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Customer Spotlight: Alyssa London, The Stanford Daily

Customer Spotlight: Alyssa London, The Stanford Daily

We have a heavy contingent of Stanford alumni here at SurveyMonkey, so the office was abuzz when we read Alyssa London’s recent article, “Tree-son for debate,” gauging on-campus sentiment for this year’s Stanford mascot.

Stanford Mascot

In Alyssa’s article, she discovered that:
“Seventy percent of my bunnnnnnnarks reported they do not like the Tree costume. Of those respondents, 25 percent said they flat out hated it. Only 25 percent said they liked it and of those, eight percent loved it. An overwhelming 90 percent of respondents said the Tree should be a redwood and not deciduous, and 70 percent said this year’s costume is not an accurate representation of our mascot.”

Loving surveys ourselves, we had to weigh in. So we all took Alyssa’s survey and here are our findings:

When we compared the data gathered from our SurveyMonkey collector to the Stanford campus collector (via handy dandy filtering), we learned that overall, the Monkey team is in agreement with campus sentiment. 60 percent of respondents do not like the Tree costume, and of those, 25 percent also flat out hate it. Only 20 percent of the Monkey team likes it, but 0 percent love it. 75 percent weighed in on the side of the redwood, and 57.9 percent said the costume was not an accurate representation of the Stanford mascot.

Here’s a snapshot of the Monkey team’s responses on the deciduous socoaciaiclaalsasssaty version vs. the traditional redwood variety compared to Alyssa’s original on-campus results:

Our main conclusions from this data are that:
1) Alumni sentiment does not differ from current student opinion by much, and
2) As we age, we apparently feel slightly less passionate about things (perhaps a good topic for a follow up survey)

And, because it’s always good to hear direct feedback, here are some of the highlights…

The Good
“Great, I think it’s great to innovate every year with the tree costume.”

“Looks a lot better than most years.”

The Bad
“Looks like the old tree went on a diet and lost a lot of weight. New tree looks like a stick with some shrubbery on top.”

“It’s a little creepy looking.”

The Overachieving
“Northern California is the only place to find redwoods – coastal and sequoia. It is a shame that we aren’t honoring this uniqueness as well as the magnificent redwoods who still call Cali home.”

Have a creative article you’ve written based on a survey?  Please share it with us or invite the Monkey team to weigh in!

Note: Since Alyssa graciously agreed to let us chime in on her survey, we’ve enabled her to read all the results that came in as well as gather data for future journalistic and scholastic research. However, we are positive that she will continue to accept contributions to alondon “at” in support of her work (or late night beverages at the Coffee House).

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3 thoughts on “Customer Spotlight: Alyssa London, The Stanford Daily

  1. Ashley says:

    Redwood all the way!

  2. I personally think they both suck all the way!!

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