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How to Create a Cool Custom Survey Theme

How to Create a Cool Custom Survey Theme

Creating a custom theme is a great way to personalize your survey, whether you want to show off your brand or school colors or you want to make a unique theme to celebrate an event or occasion.

This time of year, we here at SurveyMonkey start to see some fun seasonal trends in custom themes as our customers start planning for the ever-important…Office Halloween Party.

Want to know who’s dressing up? Want to vote on a costume theme for the office? Looking to get sign-ups for the pumpkin carving contest? Trying to avoid having everyone bring the same candy (can we say, let’s go light on the Red Hots this year?)? What better way to plan than to send out a survey, and one that’s all decked out for the occasion no less?

To dress up your survey with a custom theme, simply select “Create Custom Theme” from “Edit Survey”…
SurveyMonkey Theme Editor
From there, you’re free to customize colors for each part of your survey by entering the hex value for the color in the Theme Editor. We found inspiration from the “Happy Halloween!” palette on Colourlovers (which conveniently and helpfully provides the hex values for you)…

SurveyMonkey Custom Theme Editor

A few edits later, and voila…you’ve got a pretty cool looking survey that will amuse and delight your respondents and help you make some all important event planning decisions, like what candy will keep the monsters happy.  Share your favorites with us in the survey we created with our new custom theme…

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And if you need a monkey costume for your party, let us know. We have a really good one you can borrow.
SurveyMonkey monkey costume
Learn more about creating a custom theme here.

Have a fabulous custom theme you’d like to show off? Share it with us in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “How to Create a Cool Custom Survey Theme

  1. William says:

    very cool Anne, I like the gorilla suit :-)

    1. Anne R says:

      Credit goes to Ryan–he wore the gorilla suit at Comdex :). Part of SurveyMonkey history!

  2. Andy says:

    Hi I love the fact that you can edit the design and use any color you like as this helps to fit in with the sites Im going to use the survey for but could you pleas add the option to choose different design options for the radio buttons as I think the current tick ones that are used look very dated and it would be nice to use the radio button style or maybe some slick apple looking ones. This would make it perfect.

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Andy–thanks so much for the feedback and we’re glad you like the options to customize colors. Our Principal UI designer is working on a set of new themes and customization options, including updated radio buttons, so I will share your feedback with him. We’ll keep you posted on updates to the customization options and please keep the feedback coming!

  3. Surveys are great and really assist in a groups growth and participation. I just started this forum and look forward to SurveyMonkeys assistance! :)

    Don in Vegas

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