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How to Create Surveys Using Your Brand’s Logos, Themes & More

How to Create Surveys Using Your Brand’s Logos, Themes & More

Maggie CInterested in creating surveys that match your brand? We’re excited to announce that it’s now easier than ever with our new Library feature, available with our multi-user Enterprise plan.

Now everyone in your company—from the marketing master to the customer service guru—can design beautiful, branded surveys.

Here’s how it works

Any SurveyMonkey Enterprise admin can upload images, documents, and themes for fellow group members to use in their survey designs. Set up is a snap:

  • Logos are a great way to brand your survey. Add your image to the library from your computer or import from a URL. Then give it a title and description so teammates know the details of how and when to use it. Gone are the days searching your hard drive for the right size or version.
  • Documents can get help get your entire team on the same page. Post your organization’s survey policies, add questions in doc form, and share instructions for writing surveys.

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  • Themes enable you to change the look and feel of your survey by customizing the colors and typography. Create a custom theme and upload it to the library to share it with your group. Now your entire team can show the right colors.

Want to see the library in action? Watch our video:

Whether you’re a single department or a large organization, the library puts your branding assets just a few clicks away. Our product team is continuing to develop the library, so stay tuned for more updates to follow!

Questions, comments for Maggie? Let her know in the Comments section below.

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