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Guest Blogger: Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld On miraclefeet’s Mission For Healthy Children

Guest Blogger: Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld On miraclefeet’s Mission For Healthy Children

miraclefeet is pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with SurveyMonkey Contribute. Now, as a Contribute member, you can send $0.50 to miraclefeet for every survey you complete. In the past year alone, SurveyMonkey contributed over $100,000 to charitable organizations. With the simple act of completing an opinion survey, you can take a step towards eliminating clubfoot.

One out of every 750 children around the world is born with clubfoot, a congenital defect where one or both feet turn inward and downward, making it difficult or impossible to walk.  The good news is that clubfoot is completely treatable. For as little as $250, a child can receive a highly effective, non-surgical treatment called the Ponseti Method. Ponseti uses casting and foot braces to correct the defect, and is fully accepted as the gold-standard treatment in the US.

miraclefeet allows children with clubfoot to receive the Ponseti treatment for their clubfoot.

Yasmin before her Ponseti treatment

miraclefeet is working to increase access to clubfoot treatment in an effort to eliminate it as a cause of permanent disability.  We partner with local doctors, hospitals, government agencies, and NGO’s to develop sustainable networks of clubfoot clinics which provide free Ponseti treatment accessible to all families. Formed only two years ago, miraclefeet already has 25 clinics operational in Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, and India and will treat over 1,000 children this year.

The progress is amazing. Kids up to 10-years-old who have never walked or worn shoes before due to neglected clubfoot are walking properly within 3 months.

miraclefeet is helping eliminate clubfoot through the Ponseti treatment.

Yasmin after her Ponseti treatment.

miraclefeet is thrilled that SurveyMonkey is supporting our work and helping transform the lives of children around the world – giving kids the chance to run, walk, and play for the rest of their lives! Contribute is one more tool we can use in our mission to eliminate clubfoot.

Interested in raising money for your non-profit with SurveyMonkey Contribute? Sign up here.

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