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Searching for a Content Strategy That Rocks? Start with a Survey

Searching for a Content Strategy That Rocks? Start with a Survey

Looking for a strategy?“Strategy 101 is about choices. You can’t be all things to all people.” –Michael Porter, The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Harvard Business School

Hear, hear. You can’t be all things to all people and you certainly can’t please everyone—we do admit, that’d be pretty cool though, eh? Whether you’re sitting down to write the very first blog post for your business or whether you’re a seasoned online marketer, you know these things to be true (or you should). Having a solid content strategy in your back pocket is really the best and first place to start before putting yourself (and your business) out into the world.

Knowing this, as part of the integration with our friends at HubSpot, we’re bringing you a brand new Online Content Strategy survey template. With built in questions, optimized by our Survey Research team to bring you the best in quality data, you’ll be rockin’ that content strategy of yours in no time.

How it Works

We’ve made it superstar easy for you. From within your survey account, follow these 4 quick steps and you’ll be on your way.

1. Click Create Survey
2. Choose Start from an Expert Template
3. Select Market Research section
4. Scroll down & click on the Online Content Strategy Template

Take a sneak peek at the survey below.

So save yourself time, effort and a whole bunch of stress. Let your audience tell you what you need to know and then get down to business turning that content strategy into a sweet, sweet reality. Big thanks goes to all of the rockstars at HubSpot for co-authoring with us and Happy Surveying, folks.

Don’t be shy–leave your questions on content strategy with us in the Comments section!

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