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Colbert to Replace Letterman: What Will Fans Miss Most?

Colbert to Replace Letterman: What Will Fans Miss Most?

Colbert to replace LettermanBig news, late night fans!

Stephen Colbert has just been announced as David Letterman’s replacement on the Late Show. Although it remains to be seen what this means for the direction of the show and it’s definitely still up in the air as to how Colbert will approach his new role–will he keep his persona around or will viewers meet “the real Stephen Colbert”–we were curious (naturally) to see what folks will miss the most when Dave steps down in 2015. What were some of their fave moments from the show and who did they want to see take a seat behind that famous desk? We surveyed over 400 Americans to get their thoughts with SurveyMonkey Audience.

Here’s a quick data snapshot of what we found out.

fave segment

Letterman’s Top Ten List segment made our top list. Respondents will miss the wacky and weird factoids of pop culture, the news and more with well over half (60%) voting for this. Sorry, Stupid Pet Tricks.

Fave Dave interview?

Turns out late night viewers are fans of flashing. When it’s Drew Barrymore, of course. Way back in 1995, Barrymore surprised audiences–and Dave–with her impromptu antics. It made TV history and still resonates with people today as seen by our results!

Who should replace Dave as host?

If it were up to viewers to choose the new host, they would definitely want to keep the Late Show in the CBS family. The current Late Late Show host, Craig Ferguson, was the #1 choice to replace Dave at 14%. Coming in at a close second and third–Jon Stewart and Colbert.

We’ll miss Dave for sure but like the rest of many many late night fans, we’re excited to see the new direction that the Late Show’s taking. No pressure, Stephen!

Do you think Stephen’s got what it takes to fill Dave’s shoes? Let us know in the Comments below.

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