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Coachability’s Customer Feedback Survey as an Example

Coachability’s Customer Feedback Survey as an Example

Who among us hasn’t needed or wanted career guidance from time to time? 360 reviews and performance feedback help point us in the right direction. And in certain cases, a professional coach can really get us to that next level.

The team at Coachability provides executive coaching, leadership training, and team building for companies including Amgen, Dell, and Gap. Since they’re in the business of providing feedback, they take gathering feedback seriously. They recently developed a short survey for their own customers—to better understand clients’ career goals, past experiences, learning preferences, and to also introduce customers to a new service offering. They’ve generously agreed to share their survey with us to show another example of how to gather customer input. So feel free to click around below:

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Seven questions. Actionable insights. And a ready group of interested clients to launch a new product to. No wonder they’re experts at helping people get ahead!

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3 thoughts on “Coachability’s Customer Feedback Survey as an Example

  1. Calla Gold says:

    This is a great survey that Coachability delivers. I can see that just filling it out would whet one’s appetite for improving conditions.
    This is great stuff.

  2. Scott in Ohio says:

    Excellent survey for getting started toward moving your career forward. So many people are stuck these days and need that push.

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