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SurveyMonkey Partners With Clicktools to Offer a CRM Survey Solution

SurveyMonkey Partners With Clicktools to Offer a CRM Survey Solution

SurveyMonkey customers have a wide variety of survey needs. Business-focused customers often ask us about integrating surveys with customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Through a partnership with Clicktools, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) survey provider, we are pleased to introduce a solution for these customers.

Clicktools provides a highly flexible enterprise solution for creating surveys, scripts and forms that integrate with leading CRM providers (including, Oracle CRM On Demand, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics).  For example, with Clicktools, survey responses can be linked to CRM contact information and certain survey responses will trigger specific follow-up actions with customers. customers awarded Clicktools the 2008 and 2009 Customer Choice Award for the Surveys App Exchange.

We sat down with Clicktools CEO, David Jackson, and Director of Sales & Marketing, Andrew Walker, so they could share a little more about their business and what this partnership means.

SM: Can you give us a brief background on Clicktools?

David & Andrew: We were founded in 2000 and are headquartered in the UK with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. We help companies enhance their CRM applications with integrated survey functionality. The net result is that companies can more easily capture the voice of their customer (VoC). Customer support teams can become more effective at capturing customer issues during support calls. Sales teams can become better informed on which leads are the most promising and which customers represent greater up-selling opportunities. These insights enable faster and better customer service, leading to an improved overall customer experience.

SM: How is Clicktools used within an organization and who uses it?

David & Andrew: Customers create surveys, forms and call scripts and the information gathered from those are integrated with their CRM application in real time. This approach can be used to facilitate interactions at all stages of the customer experience. As a result, Clicktools is used mainly by managers and teams in customer experience, sales, support and marketing.

Some top examples of how customers use Clicktools are:

  • Sales teams create a web-to-lead form that instantly creates a contact within a CRM account and triggers the next steps in the sales process.
  • Customer support teams use Clicktools for call scripting during support calls by creating a series of branched questions.
  • Customer support teams also use Clicktools to automatically send satisfaction surveys after a support ticket is closed.

SM: What benefits can Clicktools provide for SurveyMonkey customers?

David & Andrew: SurveyMonkey customers who are using CRM applications such as, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle CRM On Demand can have an enhanced experience with Clicktools. Clicktools integration with CRM allows customer feedback gathered from scripts and forms to be readily available to everyone in the organization. This in turns makes it easier and faster for an organization to turn customer feedback into actionable improvements.

SM: Can you share any specific Clicktools customer success stories?

David & Andrew: One customer, a Fortune 500 company and global leader in providing business information, saved $350,000 a year by using Clicktools.  The savings resulted from the automation of their event registration process that was completely integrated with Salesforce.  This was in addition to the benefit of having a much richer single view of the customer available across their organization.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight, another Clicktools customer, was able to improve its overall customer support rating by 30 points through implementing Clicktools for customer satisfaction surveys.  Their feedback process across a range of customer touch points was completely automated and results were immediately transferred back in to their CRM system.  This provided immediate insights into necessary improvements to enhance the customer experience that could be accessed by their entire organization.

Interested in learning more about Clicktools?

  • To get started with a free trial, click here.
  • Come back and visit the SurveyMonkey blog where David and Andrew will be contributing future posts on how to integrate surveys with CRM applications and best practices for bringing voice of the customer programs into daily business processes.

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7 thoughts on “SurveyMonkey Partners With Clicktools to Offer a CRM Survey Solution

  1. Hi Guys

    I have a client that would like to integrate their survey monkey data with their instance, we are in the early stages of setting up the org and selecting the best survey tool to use for quarterly surveys.

    Could you give me a sense of the technical process/implication and cost implications of doing this ASAP pls.


    Mauritz Gilfillan
    uMlilo Consulting

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Mauritz–thanks for your interest! We’re going to have a team member contact you directly to follow up and get you the information you need on process and costs.

  2. This is my first time to hear that CRM can be integrated with surveys to generate leads. I think that’s a very good idea. This would also help us know more about our customers and classify the type of customers that we make relationship with.

  3. With these tools we can gather more information about our customers.

  4. nick says:

    Clicktools is BS. The pricing is outrageous. Everyone uses salesforce, you should just be a “chimp” and integrate. Considering how many applications integrate with salesforce it can’t be a huge developmental challenge for you.

    I’m trying to get NPS going for a client who uses salesforce. There are a dozen comparatively priced competitors to survey monkey who do a much better job (minus one since you absorbed zoomerang) at this. NPS is the way customer feedback surveys are going, just ask anyone. Don’t skate to the puck, skate to where the puck is going.

    Have fun.



    1. Bennett P says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Nick.

      SurveyMonkey greatly values its partnership with Clicktools and firmly believes it offers a great solution for those who need a comprehensive customer view within Salesforce.

      FYI – Wufoo, a SurveyMonkey company, does offer a native integration with Salesforce, which you can learn about here:

      Also, SurveyMonkey offers a Net Promoter Score template. You can find it in our templates gallery when you create your survey.

      We are working to expand our integrations so that users can seamlessly push survey responses into other applications. In the meantime, we’ll tighten the laces on our skates.

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