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How a Water Bottle Startup Uses Customer Feedback for Design Inspiration

How a Water Bottle Startup Uses Customer Feedback for Design Inspiration

Giving self-starters, entrepreneurs and small businesses the ability to gather insights from their customers are one of the best parts of our jobs here at SurveyMonkey. We were thrilled to come across a really unique start-up based in Oakland–Clean Bottle. This four-person team designs innovative water bottles that are not only environmentally friendly but have a nifty twist to them.But enough from us. Jesse Chebot of Clean Bottle is here to talk about how his team relies on SurveyMonkey to help them make design decisions for their bottles.

The floor’s all yours, Jesse!

We’re self-funded here at Clean Bottle so we try our best to get creative while staying efficient. A few years ago our founder, Dave, dressed up in a giant Clean Bottle suit and ran next to the riders of the Tour de France! The stunt was not only a blast but it gained us airtime and a much-needed following. Our guerilla marketing style to this day sticks.

Clean Bottle co-founder, Dave, running with Tour de France cyclists!

Clean Bottle co-founder, Dave, running with Tour de France cyclists!

So what’s our product all about? We built our company around a simple premise: Put a removable bottom on our water bottles to aid in cleaning and save a new generation of water-lovers from the headache of gross, moldy bottles. SurveyMonkey has been instrumental in helping us reach out to our customers and find out exactly what they are looking for. Last year, we successfully funded our new stainless steel water bottle through Kickstarter, and without SurveyMonkey helping to inform our decisions we never could have raised over $126K!

SurveyMonkey has been an immense help in the follow up with our customers and Kickstarter backers as well. As we continue to develop our product line, the feedback we receive from our customers helps us hone in on how to keep them happy. Thanks to SurveyMonkey, we were able to decide on the most popular colors, finishes, and even the names for our products.

After we launched our first product, we followed it up with an insulated version aimed at cyclists. Based off our survey results, we learned that nearly 60% of our customers considered themselves to be recreational cyclists, which in turn informed our decision to pursue a specific range of stores for optimal distribution.

What type of bike rider are you?

At Clean Bottle, we do our best to stay lean and mean and SurveyMonkey complements us perfectly. The information we gather helps us eliminate the need for a costly trial and error process so we can deliver a quality product the first time around. We’re thrilled to keep building our brand with SurveyMonkey helping us every step of the way.

Want a Clean Bottle of your own? Head on over to their site and let Jesse know if you have any questions down below!


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