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Business Decisions Made Easy with Customer Feedback Surveys

Business Decisions Made Easy with Customer Feedback Surveys

Continuant FamilyWhen it comes to knowing what customers want, Rhonda Parmiter is a pro. As the VP of Customer Experience at Continuant, a communications management services provider, Rhonda’s job is to listen to customer needs and make sure those needs are being met.

Working closely with large enterprise clients, Rhonda knows the value of customer feedback, and how that leads to happier customers. In her recent blog post, 3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty in 2015, Rhonda wrote about the advantages of using SurveyMonkey customer feedback surveys to maintain the trust of your customers.

So naturally, we wanted to share with all of you her tips so that you can be a customer experience superstar too.

Without further ado, we welcome Rhonda!

With countless companies in the marketplace providing technology products and services, customer experience is Continuant’s biggest differentiator. It’s imperative that I stay in touch with our customers and really understand how they feel about the services provided by our business. Knowing who your customers are, and what they want, is what will make your business stand out from the rest.

SurveyMonkey provides us with an easy-to-use tool that helps us identify areas of improvement or opportunities for innovation.

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4 steps to surveying success

I spend most of my days working with Continuant’s most important resource—our employees. I firmly believe that providing a great work experience sets the stage for creating an outstanding customer experience. Most of my time is spent developing, encouraging, and challenging my team to be the best that they can be—both professionally and personally.

One of those team building challenges is when we get together to design our annual customer feedback survey. Here’s how we do it:

1. Find two or three key areas where we’d like to hear more from our customers. We combine these areas with some pretty standard CSAT questions and create our survey design.

2. Test the survey several times. Tweak the language and ensure that it’s easy for your customers to complete. People are busy and we don’t want to bog them down with questions that aren’t imperative.

3. Send the survey out to all of our customers with a personal email from their account manager. Our account managers have individual relationships with their customers and they make follow-up calls to encourage participation. We provide contests and incentives for the account managers with the highest percentage of completed surveys.

4. Analyze the results. We look carefully for opportunities where we can take immediate action to improve our customer experience and issues that we can address in our overall action plan.

Making better decisions with data

One of the best things we ever learned from our surveys was how our customers were addressing the changes in multiple areas of technology. Analyzing their responses helped us identify common themes amongst our customers. We realized that if we didn’t address these issues quickly, we’d be losing some great education opportunities, as well as potentially letting our customers down.

The data helped us to not only respond to our customers’ technology needs, but we were also able to staff the appropriate areas of our company that would be required to support these projects. We can then use SurveyMonkey’s helpful chart customization feature to create graphs for our executive team.

Looking ahead by looking behind

I’ve been using Survey Monkey for over five years. In addition to being an excellent tool to gather customer feedback, I love that I have the ability to see the history of my surveys. This makes it simple to do quick comparisons, refer back to a specific customer comment and use Data Trends to see how things have changed over time. With all these fantastic tools, you can’t go wrong.

Want more advice from Rhonda? Leave your questions with us below!

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