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Bug-eating, Hybrid-driving, Cable-cutters? See 2015’s Hottest Consumer Trends

Bug-eating, Hybrid-driving, Cable-cutters? See 2015’s Hottest Consumer Trends

Dec_trends_trackerWhat’s just as important as hitting your 2014 goals? Heading into 2015 with info on what consumers want—before your major competitors get it first.

SurveyMonkey Audience and Blueshift Research (an investment research firm) have combined forces to deliver a special 2014 wrap-up edition of our monthly consumer Trends Tracker Report.

With our 2014 consumer wrap-up report, you can stay in front of developments that might make all the difference when it comes to your bottom line.

To learn about December’s biggest purchasing tends, we surveyed over 1,000 Americans on 20 topics including voting, home buying, technology, TV services, and drug laws. Blueshift Research analyzed the data and wrote up their findings on how these trends affect businesses and investors.

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So, what did the report uncover this year? In addition to finding out that 31% of consumers are inclined to purchase a product with an insect-based ingredient, we learned:

  • Consumers are cutting the cable cord and show no signs of stopping
  • Netflix has a flood of competitors heading its way that could disrupt the market
  • Consumers have been slowly warming towards mobile pay and wearable devices—is 2015 the year they’ll take to tech?

Get the breakdown of these trends—including valuable market segmentation data. Stay on top of who’s buying what when it comes to the 20 most pressing consumer trends affecting U.S. shoppers and businesses like yours in the coming year.

Get the free report report here to get an in-depth analysis on more trends affecting issues like voting behavior, home buying, drug laws, technology usage, and more!

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