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Customer Spotlight on Birds In the Hand: Making Apps for Birders by Birders

Customer Spotlight on Birds In the Hand: Making Apps for Birders by Birders

We here at SurveyMonkey of course have big love for all things monkey but we’ve got plenty more to share with our fine feathered friends– birds! We’re excited to shine our latest customer spotlight on Dave Bell, one of the founders of Birds In the Hand, a company who builds apps for birders by birders.

Take it away, Dave!

Like our customers, the Birds In The Hand team is passionate about what we do. Our mission is to provide the world’s best tools to help Birders find and report bird sightings while they’re in the field. We’re avid Birders ourselves and love to get out in the field as much as possible. We work hard at creating cutting edge tools for birders that are both indispensible and unique.

Our focus is on apps for serious bird watchers, known as Birders in the US and Twitchers in the UK. Our BirdLog app receives about 500,000 bird sightings per month worldwide, and BirdsEye lets other birders know what is around.

The BirdLog app provides a simple and fast way to share sightings with other birding enthusiasts right from the field. These sightings are uploaded to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird database. This is perhaps the world’s largest citizen science project, collecting millions of bird observations from across the globe, and making them available to Birders and professional Ornithologists alike.

Our other app, BirdsEye, runs on the iPhone family of products. It uses the phone’s Location Services, the date and eBird— an online checklist program for the birding community and a really cool citizen science project– to map out current bird sightings near you and in near real-time. Birders can see what’s been seen today, or within the past month. This is great information because Birders are always looking for new places to go and new birds to see.

Our livelihood depends on listening carefully to what our customers want and so this is where SurveyMonkey comes in. We use the tool to collect feedback from our customers in order to help us figure out what our development priorities should be. Over the years, we have collected thousands of bits of feedback from respondents and several hundred of these responses have really moved the needle in terms of improving the understanding of our market.

As app developers, we live and breathe by our customer reviews in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. A good review can go a long way in promoting the app and increasing sales and on the flip-side, a bad review can really hurt. Reviews are a valuable source of customer feedback, but they are passive. We want to be proactive in understanding what our customers like and don’t like about our software. Using SurveyMonkey gives us a simple and fast method of reaching out and gaining insights from our birding community.

Here’s a quick look at one of the customer satisfaction surveys we send out:

In general, our responses are supportive, but our customers also share their frustrations. This is actually perhaps the most valuable feedback for us and gives us the ability to pinpoint specific areas to work on.

The market place for apps is incredibly fast-paced and competitive. We’re always looking forward to new features and capabilities coming out. SurveyMonkey provides a simple way for us to communicate directly with customers on specific questions and gain targeted input on what they are looking for. These insights help make our development process more focused, keeps our customers happy, boosts sales and keeps our lights on!

To learn more about the world of birding and to check out our bird apps, please visit the Birds in the Hand site.

Are you looking to send out customer satisfaction surveys for your business or organization? Be sure to check out our Customer Satisfaction Survey templates and let us know what you think in the comments below! 


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