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Customer Spotlight: BestVendor Is Open for Business—Literally!

Customer Spotlight: BestVendor Is Open for Business—Literally!

Here at SurveyMonkey, there’s nothing we love more than seeing the innovative ways our customers build and implement their surveys. When we saw how BestVendor—a NYC-based startup that’s building Yelp-like purchasing resources for startups and small businesses—had integrated a survey into their customer sign up process, we had to share it.

BestVendor is using a survey to collect information about the products and providers people are using in their businesses. Since they’re building an online community based on sharing honest insights about products and services preferred in various industries, where better to start than asking their target clientele directly? After a quick email sign up to request a beta invite, users are encouraged to take a 3-minute survey.

Intended to give BestVendor an accurate picture of their clients’ favorite products—including everything from company email systems to types of pens—this survey was designed using Skip Logic. With Skip Logic, respondents only have to answer questions that relate to their area of expertise and excludes questions that aren’t relevant.

For example, if you’ve identified yourself as a Marketing/Sales professional, you’d then be prompted with a list of the products you use most, rather than having to answer questions relevant to someone who works in Human Resources or Finance.

After completing the survey—having stated that SurveyMonkey is your favorite online survey tool and you really love green highlighters—you’ll find yourself on a redirected landing page where you’re encouraged to sign in to your LinkedIn account, which allows BestVendor to connect your survey information with information from your LinkedIn profile and pre-register survey takers as users.  Pretty clever, right?  Not only have you provided important feedback for BestVendor, but now you’re also now a valued part of their professional network.

So, if you’re the member of a startup or small business team, consider taking a page from BestVendor’s book and create a quick survey to learn crucial information about the customers you’re planning to serve.  In the mean time, head over to BestVendor for priority access to the beta site and let them know which business tools you can’t live without.  Sign up is available at

Have a clever way you’re using surveys to jump start your business? Please share in the comments below.

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One thought on “Customer Spotlight: BestVendor Is Open for Business—Literally!

  1. Michael says:

    Some feedback for bestvendor:

    ‘Web operations’ should be captitalized.

    Would be nice to have a drop-down list of popular applications to create better results – with text field, there will be misspellings and much harder to quantify.

    When selecting Design, good use of ‘piping’, but be sure to lowercase it, and phrase different – maybe ‘When you [design], what products do you use?

    ‘Executive,’ ‘HR,’ and ‘Finance’ all pipe ot the Finance questionare.

    Next button on Marketing page goes to first page of Web Ops.

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