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School’s (almost) back in session: how to use educational survey templates

School’s (almost) back in session: how to use educational survey templates

aug2016_story3_edutemplates_BLOG copyOh, yes. It’s already that time of year again—back to school!

So before the school year starts in earnest, you probably want to be sure you’re amply prepared in sending and receiving student/teacher feedback, whatever it may be.

And we’ve got you covered of course. There are tons of ready-to-go SurveyMonkey templates you can use. Think of these templates as the ultimate time-savers with the added plus of ensuring you’re asking unbiased questions designed to get you the quality data you need to start the year off right.

If you use a template you can still add or edit questions, delete questions, and match the look and feel of your design to accurately represent your school’s branding and messaging before sending surveys.

Two of the templates we suggest using to gather feedback from students and faculty are the University Faculty Satisfaction Template and University Student Satisfaction Template.

Pro tip: if a survey is over 10 questions, simply upgrade to a professional plan.

Here’s how to upload a survey template from your SurveyMonkey account:

  1. Click + Create Survey in the upper-right corner of the page
  2. Choose Start from an Expert Template
  3. From the list of template categories, choose Education
  4. Scroll up and down to find your template. *Click Preview to preview the full set of questions
  5. Once you choose the template you’d like to use, click Use this Template to continue on to the Design Survey section, where you can edit the design before sending it out

The questions included in the template are from our very own Question Bank. You’ll see they have a badge indicating that they’re SurveyMonkey certified. This verifies that your question is methodologically sound. Respondents won’t see this badge, so should you want to edit these questions—no worries, go right ahead! Essentially, you can change the wording of any template question to fit your school’s spirit.

Now’s the fun part—customizing your survey’s look and feel! You can add your school’s logo to appear at the top of every page in the survey. We recommend using Custom Themes to change up your survey—choosing colors and font settings are also pretty nifty options too. Once you’re comfortable, get that survey out into the academic world and don’t forget to keep your data nice and organized.

As the feedback flows in, you can use this data to share your results with faculty and administration. By exporting your results you can also create instant presentations or easily post results on your school’s website, online discussion forums and more.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer break, everyone!

Questions, comments for Megan? Let her know, we check daily. 

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