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SurveyMonkey Gets An Auslan Makeover

SurveyMonkey Gets An Auslan Makeover

Accessible Arts, a not for profit organization based in Sydney Australia, recently launched a world-first for SurveyMonkey – a survey written in English and accompanied by videos of sign language consultants translating each question into Australian Sign Language (Auslan). The survey was designed to gain knowledge of the experience of artists and audience members who are deaf.

“The survey is part of Accessible Arts Deaf Arts Access Project, which examines the Arts sector in New South Wales and its accessibility and inclusion for people who are deaf. Issues of attendance, participation, and future artistic opportunities for people who are deaf are being documented currently using the SurveyMonkey questionnaire. The project will culminate in a consultative Arts meeting to be held later in 2012 to gather findings and devise strategies to improve access,” said Naomi Malone, Project Officer at Accessible Arts.

“The challenge of the survey was how to reach out to people who are deaf and use sign language as a primary form of communication. The technical support from SurveyMonkey about uploading videos to our online questionnaire encouraged us to film Auslan interpretation for each question, to broaden the reach of the survey within the Deaf Community.”

Two Auslan consultants, Gemma Jones and Tony Nicholas, helped produce the videos, signing the written English survey into Auslan, filming, editing and publishing it online. It has now been online for four weeks and has engaged about forty people to date, which is a good response rate so far.

Further information about the project and survey can be found here.

Accessible Arts is the peak arts and disability organisation in New South Wales and is based in Sydney, Australia. It promotes full inclusion, access and cultural opportunities in the Arts for people with disability.

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