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How Do I Prevent Respondents from Skipping My Survey Questions?

How Do I Prevent Respondents from Skipping My Survey Questions?

Ask a Survey ExpertDear Survey Expert,

I was checking out my survey responses and I see that a number of questions are showing as having been skipped by my survey respondents. I’ve made all of my questions required, so I’m at a loss as to how this happened. Can you shed some light on this for me?

In the dark,


Dear Steph,

This can be one of those situations where you’re left scratching your head thinking, “What the heck?” Not to worry! We’ll clear this up and get you all set for future surveying awesomeness. There are a couple of actions that will lead to required questions appearing as skipped:

1. Single Page Design: If you happen to have created a single page survey, the “Done” button acts as the only save point in the design. This means that if a respondent simply exited out of the browser, as opposed to clicking the “Done” button, the responses will not be saved.

You can remedy this by adding multiple pages to the survey. This way, the “Next” button will act as an additional save point. You can also add a Thank you page at the end of the survey so that the “Done” button appears on its own page.

2. Skip Logic: Anytime a respondent is skipped to a different area of the survey design due to Skip Logic, questions will show as skipped. For Example: Jim chooses the answer choice “Banana” in Question 1 (Q1). The Skip Logic is designed so that those who choose “Banana” then go to Page 3. This means all the questions in between Q2 and Page 3 will show as skipped when viewing Jim’s individual responses.

That should get you out of the dark and back into the analysis light, Steph!

Happy surveying,


Your Friendly Survey Expert

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