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Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree? How to Develop Winning Creative Concepts

Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree? How to Develop Winning Creative Concepts

1-puppies_concept_testing_LinkedIn_360x220There are many ways for marketers to get answers: expensive full-service market research agencies, small and time-consuming focus groups, or going with their gut.

And while traditional methods aren’t completely without merit, there’s a leaner, easier way to figure out which of your ideas will win in the market and which ones won’t: Concept Assessment.

Essentially, Concept Assessment or concept testing helps you eliminate the guesswork and time and money-intensive resources from your market research. Whether you’re modifying your logo, launching a new ad campaign or product, or changing up your packaging design, running a concept test helps you understand how consumers will respond to your big idea before you go to market.

In order to show you how to successfully test concepts, SurveyMonkey Audience surveyed 1,039 consumers in the U.S. for Concept Assessment studies on Budweiser® ads, Airbnb logos, and Ben & Jerry’s packaging. Here are three key insights from the study.

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Budweiser ad concept test: Emotional ads score higher


The Superbowl is known to host some of the most engaging, effective, and expensive ads on television. This year, a 30-second commercial cost $4.5 million. That’s a lot of money to put behind your ads—especially without concept testing them first. 

We put two ads from Budweiser head to head to see which one performs better. The “Lost Puppy” ad produced a higher Purchase Intent for Budweiser beer than the “Brewed the Hard Way” ad did. Looks like puppies remain Bud’s best buds.

Airbnb logo concept test: Unique logos win for developing brands

In late 2014, Airbnb went through a complete rebranding, which included a very controversial reception of their new logo. We wanted to understand how this rebranded logo is perceived compared to the two older ones. 

As it turns out, “The Bélo,” Airbnb’s new logo, is perceived as “Extremely Unique + Very Unique” when compared to the previous ones. Higher scores in our Concept Assessment study on Uniqueness, Relevance, and Appeal translate into a stronger Purchase Intent score for Airbnb with the new logo.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.15.39 PM

Ben & Jerry’s packaging concept test: Old is gold

4-Ben_and_JerrysWith high brand awareness and years on the market, Ben & Jerry’s has made few changes to its packaging while its distribution channels have multiplied. We wanted to learn what ice cream buyers felt about the design differences between two ice cream packages.

The result? The old Cherry Garcia package can just keep on truckin’. This could be a case study on how not to change what works.

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