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Eventbrite Partnership Makes It Easy to Gather Event Feedback

Eventbrite Partnership Makes It Easy to Gather Event Feedback

SurveyMonkey and Eventbrite believe in the power of event feedback and have integrated to make it even easier to get insights from your attendees.

Eventbrite helps you easily organize, promote and sell tickets to an event–whether it’s a tech meetup or a charity fundraiser. And SurveyMonkey helps you measure the success of your event by quickly gathering input from your attendees. So you can find out if the meetup taught relevant tech skills or if a charity’s donor base understood new fundraising goals.

Whatever your question may be, the technical integration between SurveyMonkey and Eventbrite makes it easier to get feedback to improve your next event.

How does it work?

Eventbrite users can log into their events dashboard and be effortlessly taken through a survey create and distribute flow.

  • Step 1: Log into your Eventbrite account, and click Survey Attendees tab located on the Manage page.
  • Step 2: Select from four event feedback templates, which make creating and customizing the survey super easy, or start a brand new one.
  • Step 3: Schedule the delivery of your survey to gather data and collect feedback from attendees.

In a few simple steps you can send a survey to everyone who attended your event and ensure you get actionable feedback.

So what are you waiting for? Start collecting feedback to make your next event even better!

To get started, visit our FAQ and find out more here.

And make sure to check out some of our awesome partnerships or learn how become a partner yourself!

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