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How to get to know your survey data (really, really well): Part One

How to get to know your survey data (really, really well): Part One

You’ve gathered your survey responses and you’re reviewing the data—congrats.

Pause for a moment however. Ever thought about how responses to a given question on your survey vary for different groups of people? And if you found differences, did you want to know why there are differences?

Well, you’re at the right place because we’re about to walk you through how you can figure out the how and the why using our Analyze feature in SurveyMonkey.

Let’s get started with a recent example—heads-up, Game of Thrones fans—where we surveyed people about their thoughts on the state of the politics in Westeros, and more.

Today we’ll look at the Compare feature in Analyze to find if there are any important group differences. Stay tuned because next, we’ll use the Filter feature to further explore why these differences may have come up.

One of the questions we asked—betweeen Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, who would they prefer to rule the Seven Kingdoms? Overall, viewers of Game of Thrones were split on who they wanted to rule—49% vs. 51%.

But let’s dig deeper. Even though GoT viewers overall are split, our theory is that women are more likely to say they want Daenerys as the ruler than male views. To look at this, we used the Compare feature to show answers to the question by gender.

Step 1: Click on the Compare button on the left of your page

Step 2: Click Compare by Question and Answer

Step 3: Select the question you want to compare by. In this case, “What is your gender?”

Step 4: Select the response options you want to compare by. To test our theory, we’ll select Male and Female, to see our data separated by males and females. You can also choose to show statistical significance, which will give you an idea if group differences are significantly different from each other.

Try using filters from your own survey

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Screenshot 1 gender compare

Now that we’ve compared the data by gender, we can see that our theory was correct—women were significantly more likely to want Daenerys to rule, while men were more likely to root for Jon Snow.

Graph 2 prefer ruler by genderThere might be more to the story than just women liking one character and men liking another. In fact, when just directly asking which of the two characters their favorite was (as opposed to who they preferred to rule), there was no significant differences—both men and women liked Jon Snow more.

Graph 3 fave char by gender

It could be that both gender and preference between Jon and Daenerys as a ruler could be related to another question: whether they prefer to see a queen or a king on the Iron Throne. Women rising from victimhood to empowerment has been a big theme of this season, and maybe women are more likely to care about seeing a fellow woman in power.

Let’s test this theory, shall we?

Graph 4 king or queen by gender

Our theory was indeed correct. Nice one, ladies. Now let’s use the same steps as before but choose a different question in the Compare menu.

Graph 5 prefer ruler by king or queen

Those fans who prefer to see a queen on the Iron Throne do indeed prefer Daenerys to Jon. And people who want to see a king want Jon Snow to step up in a big, big way. All of these differences were found using the Compare feature to see how a responses by group.

Don’t forget, check back here for our next post where we’ll dig into  the Filter feature…filters for everyone!

Questions? Comments? Let Becky know below.

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