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Are Americans Worried About Their Cybersecurity?

Are Americans Worried About Their Cybersecurity?

CybersecurityFrom Sony’s massive security breach to Target’s credit card hack, businesses and organizations both large and small have definitely felt the burn when it comes to the dark side of cybersecurity, or lack thereof. The threat of cyberterrorism doesn’t seem to be ebbing either. But are Americans appropriately concerned about their own cybersecurity?

Using SurveyMonkey Audience—an online tool aimed at gathering responses from specific demographics—we asked over 700 Americans their thoughts on online security issues. Our CEO, Dave Goldberg sat down to share our results with Cory Johnson of Bloomberg West. For their full interview, click here.

Here’s what we learned.

Cyber security is a top priority to President Obama, but less so to Americans 

  • 54% didn’t know the President mentioned the topic in the most recent State of the Union address and only 16% agreed that it should be a top priority
  • Nearly three-quarters of people said that education was far more important
  • 70% point to healthcare as being a bigger priority than cybersecurity
  • Climate change concerns came in at 51%

But people know cyber attacks are a serious issue

  • Nearly 70% of people believe the volume of cyber attacks in the US are likely to increase
  • Who’s responsible for keeping the public safe from these attacks? Nearly two-thirds say businesses are (64%) and less than half say government is
  • 88% say they’re actively taking precautions to protect themselves against cyber attacks
  • Just under a half of respondents report having been hacked before (49%). Email and credit card account hacks took the top spot in terms of vulnerability (86% combined). Social media accounts came in last at 22%

Overall, Americans don’t think the government is doing a good job of protecting them

  • Despite several high profile attacks over the past few years, only 39% are “extremely to very concerned” about the state of national cyber security
  • Over half of respondents (53%) say they have little or no trust that the government could protect consumers against cyber attacks
  • 51% say federal government, tech companies, businesses and individuals are all equally responsible for preventing cyber security threats
  • Of the issues provided, domestic terrorism concerns them most (63%), followed by cyber security (21%) vs. 53% in 2013 who said domestic terrorism, followed by cyber security (22%)

Interested in seeing the full set of results? Visit our Slideshare page.

Ready to start your own SurveyMonkey Audience project? Click away and leave us your questions below!

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