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All Bullying Must STOP

All Bullying Must STOP

Today the White House is holding a groundbreaking conference on a topic that’s very important to us here at SurveyMonkey—Bullying Prevention. Experts and educators from around the country are coming together to address prevention programs, and generate much greater involvement from our communities to help stop bullying among kids, teens and young adults in America.

Of course we wanted to find a way to be a part of this important initiative. So, in conjunction with the Department of Education’s, we’ve created a free survey to help educators, students and parents focus on fostering a safe and supportive environment in their schools and communities.

Our hope is that this survey gives peers, parents and teachers the opportunity to start healthy dialogues and promote a clear message that no student should feel unsafe at school.

Working together we can help ensure that students thrive in their own skin and in their communities. You can find the survey in our template library–available to all customers.  Please spread the word and share this survey with your community.

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One thought on “All Bullying Must STOP

  1. Moongazer says:

    I have been on both sides of the bullying story, in that my son was being bullied on the bus and years before we found out that my little brother was bullying another kid.

    That’s why I want to know where the parents of these bullies are. They have to take resposiblity for what there children are doing. As soon as my mother realized that my brother was having money that he was not getting from home, she began to pay close atttention and question him until she found out was was going on. She immediately found out how to contact that child and his parents and promptly had my brother to apologize and assured them that this would not happen again and that she was sorry because he was raised that way. She nipped it in the bud, at an early age, before he had a chance to become a teenaage bully.

    In the case of my son I did the reverse, I followed the bus route and went to this childs home. Since his parents worked nights and slept days, he was in the care of a relative right after school. They were totaly unaware of what he was doing, (although the relative had had one previous complaint).

    They corrected the situation rigth away. These too, were young kids.

    So parents on both sides should not wait, start early and stop small bullies from becomming Big Bullies.

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