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SurveyMonkey Speaker Series: Adam Grant, Author of Give & Take

SurveyMonkey Speaker Series: Adam Grant, Author of Give & Take

We were thrilled to have Adam Grant—New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author—visit the Monkey recently to talk about his book, Give and Take. As Wharton’s youngest tenured professor, Give and Take discusses how success is increasingly dependent on our relationships with others. Grant argues that in the workplace, most people operate as either takersmatchers, or givers. Takers aim to get as much as possible from others while matchers trade evenly. Givers are more rare—they contribute to others without expecting anything in return. Each of these interaction styles has a surprising impact on success.

Check out our video interview with Adam and our VP of Human Resources, Becky Cantieri, for insights on hiring and tips on optimizing workplace culture.

What about you—are you a giver, taker or a matcher? To learn more about Give and Take, just click.

Comments for us or questions for Adam, please leave them below!

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