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Surveys & Online Ad Testing From SurveyMonkey Audience

Surveys & Online Ad Testing From SurveyMonkey Audience

Marketers knows that it’s important to test the performance of their online ads–that’s not debatable. But traditional testing methods cost a lot of time and money because you have to launch your ads and pay for clicks and impressions all while you wait for your results to trickle in over the next 1-3 months.

At SurveyMonkey, we have millions of people ready to give feedback on any business question–and our projects never take more than two days to complete. So instead of the “launch and wait” strategy, we showed our members of SurveyMonkey Audience–a great tool for collecting data from specific demographics–two of our banner ads. We’ll call them Blue Banner and Green Banner and surveyed them on their ability to recall information about both ads. Their perceptions about the trustworthiness, relevance and clearness of message were also important data points for us to have.

Ready to take a look for yourselves?

Here’s the Blue Banner ad.

Blue Ad

And the Green Banner ad.

Green Ad

When shown both ads side-by-side, 60% of respondents said that the Blue Banner ad’s message was clearer than the Green Banner’s. However, Blue Banner just barely edged out Green Banner when respondents were asked which ad they would be more likely to click on–52% for Green vs. 60% for Blue. So what does this mean? Well, it confirms our original assumption that an ad’s messaging doesn’t change the relevance of the offer. The majority of people favor an ad that they perceive to be clearer.

Which banner ad is clearer?

In a separate test, we showed respondents a banner ad on one page and asked them to recall information on the next page (without looking at the ad again). Out of those who saw the Blue Banner ad, 85% were able to correctly recall that SurveyMonkey was the company advertised on the ad. Only 11% said they couldn’t remember the company identified on the ad while 4% of people incorrectly identified the company on the ad.

Conversely, nearly all respondents who saw the Green Banner ad were able to correctly identify SurveyMonkey as the company in the ad (96%). Results for the remaining 4% of people were split evenly between those who couldn’t remember the company in the ad and those who incorrectly identified the company.

Banner Ad

Even though survey respondents who saw the Green Banner ad were more likely to correctly recall SurveyMonkey, they were less likely to be able to recall the product name. 16% of respondents who saw the Blue Banner ad correctly identified the name of the product advertised as SurveyMonkey Audience, compared to 9% of those who saw the Green Banner ad.

Product level recall is an important factor for companies that sell many products under different brands or are launching a new product under a known brand. In our case, we want to establish SurveyMonkey Audience as a separate product that offers different services under the SurveyMonkey brand. It’s important that our ads help create this differentiation in the minds of consumers.

These data points not only help us see which ad people prefer, but it also gives us additional data that you can’t get from the “launch and wait” strategy, such as whether people remember our brand after they see the ad and whether they trust our brand.

After just two days, we were able to declare a winner and feel confident that we won’t be wasting time and money on testing when we launch our ads!

Want to get started with your own SurveyMonkey Audience project? Be sure to visit us here and don’t forget to leave your questions and comments for Kindra below. 

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