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A Great Big Thanks to You!

A Great Big Thanks to You!

The air is getting crisper… Those decorations are going up… It’s getting us in the holiday spirit, and we just wanted to say thanks to our most important customers (yes, you!).

Over the past few days, we’ve been asking our customers (via a survey, of course) to tell us some of the most memorable ways they’ve given and received thanks. In honor of all the Thanksgiving desserts we’re getting ready to devour, here’s a pie chart (get it?) highlighting your preferred mode of being thanked. Although the majority of you prefer receiving hand-written notes, we loved that quite a few respondents wrote in that hugs were their favorite way to be thanked.


We also asked you to share some of the most memorable ways you’ve been thanked or how you thanked someone else. Here are a few of our favorites–which may or may not have left us weeping into our morning coffee. Grab your hankies…

What is the most memorable way you’ve ever been thanked?

“I was leaving a teaching job I’d had for a few years and on my last day I came in to a huge surprise party, kids, parents and co-workers. We partied all day and in a card from one of my co-workers she had written…”These years that I have known you, no one could have filled them the way that you did”.  27 years later, I still remember that day and those words.” – Jeri E.

“When I had cancer and was going through treatment, my co-workers donated a lot of their leave time so I could still be paid. I think that was their way of thanking me for all I had done and for being who I am.” – Darlene T.

“Very easy answer. I had just gotten custody of my 2 1/2 year old son and I had had him a couple of months. So we went to McDonalds and I ordered our food and while waiting for it to be fixed, we went and sat down and I gathered plastic forks and napkins and straws and ketchup, and I took it all to the table and they called our number. So I grabbed our tray and went and sat next to my son. I sat his Happy Meal in front of him and prepared everything. About that time my son scoots right next to me and says “Thank you Daddy and I love you”. It is still one of my fondest memories to this day. He is now 21 and in his 3rd year at the University of Texas studying aerospace engineering, and he graduated #8 out of a class of 1600 students, so I did a damn good job being a single parent. That’s right, just Eddie and Daddy(Ed). I always tell that story because it meant so much to me for him to do that, and we are still that close today.” -Ed. B.

What is the most creative way you’ve ever thanked someone? 

“The most creative way I’ve thanked someone else was to buy my best friend a plane ticket to her home state of NC so she could surprise her parents on their 40th anniversary.  She has been there for me more than anybody ever has and she was a little sad because she didn’t have the money to fly home.  I waited until 2 days before the anniversary and sat her down and gave her a thank you card with a plane ticket inside. Her eyes filled with tears and she couldn’t come up with the right words to express her gratitude. To me, she said it all with her facial expression.” – Loyce M.

“A series of gifts over the course of a week building from small things to bigger things…left in silly places the person would “happen upon” at some point in their day.” – Deb F.

“I spoke at the memorial of a high school English teacher who had been a mentor and father figure to me during one of the most difficult times of my life.  He died suddenly a few years after I graduated, and though I wasn’t sure I could get up in front the crowd of people who’d assembled to celebrate him, I mustered the courage to share, through trembling voice and fighting back tears, my immense gratitude for the role he played in shaping the person I’d become.  A couple years later, I also created a Web site in his honor.” – Cathy S.


Have these sparked any thanks-themed memories? Tell us about the memorable, creative, or just plain heartfelt ways you’ve been thanked or thanked someone else in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “A Great Big Thanks to You!

  1. sg says:

    SheShe G, you’ve done it again.

  2. Brian Bolan says:


    Saw your CEO on Bloomberg West tonight, and he had a survey of the online music industry. Was hoping that we could see a blog with the results or maybe you could direct me to a link for that one!

    That would be super cool!


    Brian Bolan

    1. Bennett P says:

      Brian – Thanks for reaching out! We’re glad you caught the segment and glad you found the info useful. We’ll quickly work on a post and let you know when we have it up!

  3. DJ says:

    Survey Monkey – What a great video – how fun was that! Never thought of a video “Thank you” – but what a great way to say it. It’s always wonderful to put faces to people.

    1. Sheila G says:

      Thanks DJ! We had fun making it! :-)

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