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SurveyMonkey Surveys Now Speak 55 Languages

SurveyMonkey Surveys Now Speak 55 Languages

No matter what language your customers, employees, friends, or fans speak, if they’re anything like the ones we have, they all want to give you feedback.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to set up your survey in another language, or in fact in 55 languages. That’s right, we now offer 55 languages for you to choose from in your Survey Options. Just look for the Survey Language selector and pick from the list.

Changing your survey language will change all of the navigation buttons, help text, and error messages in your survey.

To see everything that’s included, check out the details in our Help Center.

You’ll still have to enter your survey questions and answer options in the language of your choice, but all other text will be taken care of by us. This feature is available in all of our plans, including our free plan.

So pick a language. Or five. Or fifty-five. Arabic? Hindi? Malay? Yes, yes, and yes! Here’s the full list you can choose from:



Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese (Iberian)

If you’d like to use the SurveyMonkey site itself in another language, we’re now available in 16 different languages. Learn more here.

Have you conducted a survey in another language? Please share your experiences in the comments below. And let us know if we’ve missed a language you’d like added.


26 thoughts on “SurveyMonkey Surveys Now Speak 55 Languages

  1. Mark says:

    This is more than a little misleading as there are severe problems in using Survey Monkey in any right-to-left languages, such as Hebrew or Arabic. As you note in your FAQs:

    *** We do not provide support in creating languages that go from right to left, like Arabic or Hebrew. If you are able to create this on your end using HTML, then any open-ended comments will not come into the survey in the right to left format. ***

    You support the fonts but not any of the requisite formatting. I tried on several occasions to do a survey in Hebrew on your platform with right to left formatting via HTML, as you suggest — it was hell. Never again! If you want to claim true compatibility with other languages, you will have to invest in right-to-left formatting. I wish you would, as this is a great tool, but I will never again use it in Hebrew.

    1. Minna K says:

      Hi Mark, thank you for the insightful comment! Indeed we are aware that we need to build in proper right to left support in order for surveys to format correctly in Arabic or Hebrew. This is one of many projects we are working on in order to better support our users. Look for improvements coming on this front soon.

  2. I agree with Mark. Please provide the back end functionality for Arabic. Also, can you add Urdu (spoken in Pakistan and India) to your language options?

    I would also like to see the capability of inserting images into the questionnaire itself (as part of individual questions) and uploading images as a response option for respondents.

    Thank you.

    1. Bennett P says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Will will try. You can insert an image into the questionnaire now. Here’s a link that explains how

  3. JohnO says:

    Is it possible to let the end-user switch languages on the fly? That is, during the survey or at least the very start of the survey? Or do you need to create a separate survey in each language? Sorry if this is a silly question.

  4. Louisa says:

    Hi, we would love to create a survey where the same questions can be sent out in 3 different languages, and the results all compiled in one analysis. Is this at all possible? or likely to be possible?

    1. Bennett P says:

      Today the best way to achieve this is to create 3 different surveys, each in their own language. Once your respondents have completed the data, you can download the survey results into 3 Excel files, and then merge the data. We are aware that this is not an ideal solution to the need you describe, and are working on a more elegant solution for next year.

  5. Alirz says:

    Thank you for adding Persian language.

  6. Mark says:

    When you say “Look for improvements coming on this front soon”, when might this be?

    Please keep me posted if you ever truly decide to implement right-to-left formatting…


  7. Saeed Alshahrani says:

    the reason why I did not use SurveyMonke is right-to-left formatting……

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Saeed – Our product team is working on creating this capability, including online surveys in Arabic. We hope to offer them soon. Check back here for more product updates and SurveyMonkey news. Thanks!

      1. Harvey Goldberg says:

        Do you have any date yet for when Arabic formating will be available.

        1. Hanna J says:

          Hi Harvey – What you need to do is go into “My Account” settings, which you can find in the drop down menu on the top right of the page below your name. Scroll down to the “HTML formatting” section, and click to enable it. You will then be able to go into the HTML of your survey questions and format them to read right to left. Does that make sense? Let us know. Thank you!

      2. Eyran says:

        Any update on right-to-left support ? I read somewhere else on your site it should be by year end 2012 ?


        1. Kayte K says:

          Hi Eyran,

          Thank you for the great question. Currently, we don’t offer right to left support in languages but we’ll forward your feedback to our Product team. Keep an eye out here at the blog for more updates to come!


  8. ali broojerdi says:

    Please help me more for creating a survey in Persian languages

  9. roop anand says:

    hi ,
    It is really great to know that you have taken the pain and effort to make it
    possible to conduct surveys in 55 languages , it is a huge effort . you have
    a few Indian languages and two of S,Indian languages , Tamil and Telugu,
    and Tamil is my mother tongue!
    will try to use these surveys,.keep innovating !

    1. Bennett P says:

      Roop – Thanks for the feedback! Keep us posted on your surveys!

  10. Marie says:

    Any progress regarding the comment above?

    “Today the best way to achieve this is to create 3 different surveys, each in their own language. Once your respondents have completed the data, you can download the survey results into 3 Excel files, and then merge the data. We are aware that this is not an ideal solution to the need you describe, and are working on a more elegant solution for next year.”

    1. Bennett P says:

      Marie – Not yet.

  11. Joe says:

    Hi, i tried changing the language to Arabic, i did however the text doesn’t start from the right to left. how can this be fixed?

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Joe, if you’re trying to change this setting in your survey, unfortunately we don’t offer right to left configuration yet. More info here:

  12. jamey brown says:

    How long does Survey Monkey’s upgrade projects last? Problems with right to left languages have been identified literally years ago based on the above discussions and they’ve still not produced proper full language support. This is not acceptable and I will be looking at other vendors who can adequately support my extensive business needs!

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Jamey! We appreciate your feedback and we’re sorry that we can’t give you an exact timeframe on this. Know that our Product team is definitely aware of this request and we will continue to keep you updated. If there’s anything additional we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

  13. Bruce Rosen says:

    I am interested in using Survey Monkey in hebrew, which is written from right to left.

    What do I need to do to ensure that the text appears flush right?

    Also, can you put me in touch with customers who have had good experiences using Survey Monkey in hebrew?

    Many thanks,

    Bruce Rosen (

    1. kaytek says:

      Hi Bruce,

      We don’t offer this functionality yet unfortunately however we’ve passed on your request to our Product team!


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