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5 Million Better Decisions–and One Paella–in Barcelona

5 Million Better Decisions–and One Paella–in Barcelona
Monkeys in Barcelona

Monkeys in Barcelona

Did you know that in addition to our monkey headquarters in California and locations in Portland and Seattle, that SurveyMonkey has offices in Europe? Yep, that’s right.

Here to talk about what our Euro monkeys did to celebrate an exciting milestone for the company is our Vice President of International Business Operations, Luis Franco.

Luis oversees both our European offices located in Portugal and Luxembourg.

Olá, Luis!

When you do something right at work, you’ve got a reason to feel great. But when you do something amazing AND you hit a huge company milestone? Well, then you’ve got to make sure you party with some serious style.

Here at SurveyMonkey, we set a big 2012 goal–Help our customers make 5 Million better decisions using our online survey platform. What kind of decisions? All kinds! Anything from big projects like measuring the wellbeing of your company by running an employee satisfaction survey to small ones like helping choose the family pet’s name.

We’re very proud to share that we hit our goal and did indeed help 5 million people make better decisions, so that means we had a lot to celebrate. The American team will be heading out to Las Vegas later this summer but we European monkeys had a decision to make—Where exactly in Europe should we celebrate together? Well, can you guess what we did to help us decide? You guessed it (or we hope you did)! We sent out an office-wide survey asking monkeys to help us choose a destination and (drumroll, please) Barcelona came out on top.


It was a good decision. Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and there are lots of exciting things to do, see, and, most importantly, eat. So what did the Lisbon and Luxembourg monkeys do exactly? Although the main purpose for going was to celebrate the company milestone and have some fun, we also wanted to take the opportunity to do some team building.

Thanks to EatWith, a global community that invites people to dine in homes around the world, we connected with an amazing chef who organized a fantastic paella workshop where all of us participated in preparing our own celebration dinner! Here’s a tasty tidbit about paella: “The Spanish rice dish ‘Paella’ takes its name from the pan it is cooked in, which in turn comes from the Latin word for ‘pan’ or ‘dish.’“ It’s always good to learn something, isn’t it?

Cooking monkeys

Yves, a passionate cook, was our host for the night. Together we shared stories and had a truly unforgettable experience. We really felt like locals, cooking among friends. Plus, we got to enjoy a delicious home-made (and monkey-made!) paella.

The weather in Barcelona was just perfect. The environment in the city? Inspiring. The paella workshop was held on the roof of Yves’ house and we had a wonderful view of the whole Barcelona skyline. Just beautiful! For you foodies out there, we cooked different types of tapas for appetizer, paella with fish and seafood as the main course and dessert was made of chocolate and cherries. In addition to this, we prepared red wine sangría–both bitter and sour–since everybody was quite thirsty.

Barcelona Monkeys

After dinner, the most outgoing monkeys visited the Barceloneta neighborhood where you can find some amazing nightclubs for dancing. Others recharged their batteries and relaxed in order to wake early and tour the lovely city of Barcelona.

When the weekend was over, our European monkeys headed back home to both Lisbon and Luxembourg. We had so much fun and the memories will stay with us forever! Many thanks to EatWith and to our wonderful chef, Yves.

For more photos of our monkeys in Barcelona, visit our Flickr page here.

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