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How a SaaS company is building trust with SurveyMonkey’s business solutions

How a SaaS company is building trust with SurveyMonkey’s business solutions

In life, credibility matters.

In business, credibility really matters.

And in the media industry, credibility really, really matters.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of a data science and marketing company specializing in audience intelligence and media activation, Aaron Goldman had to find a way for his team to build and maintain credibility among prospects, customers, and employees.

He knew one of the best ways to gain that trust with prospects would be to share the stories of 4C’s current customers, which meant he needed to solve a few challenges:

  • Create case studies at scale without spending a lot of money or requiring extensive resources
  • Gather and produce content quickly so it remained relevant
  • Maintain a pulse on the needs of his current customers to identify opportunities and risks
  • Access real-time insights for quick action
  • Guarantee the resources and support were available to maintain productive and happy employees

Clearly, the needs of his organization were a relatively tall order, but Aaron had experience working with SurveyMonkey’s business solutions and was confident they could help 4C.

The first challenge Aaron and his marketing team took on was collecting customer stories, and they turned to TechValidate by SurveyMonkey to make it happen.

Prior to using TechValidate, gathering customer stories fell to the account managers who had to reach out to customers one-by-one and hope they would agree to share a quote publicly. The process was manual, reactive, time consuming, and relatively unreliable.

Today, Josh Dreller, VP Account-Based Marketing, says it’s a very different story.

We’re able to get hundreds of clients to self report how much success they’re having with our platform and how much they like using our tools.

Those self-reported experiences are the reason Sr. Product Marketing Manager Katie Dettman O’Brien proudly declares, “We are a content machine.”

Each week Katie and team share new and different pieces of content, and she says, “A big cornerstone has been case studies from TechValidate.” To date, 4C has published 85 case studies from 8 TechValidate projects, and data shows these are the most highly engaged pages on their website.

The case studies are paying off. According to the sales team, the customer evidence helps close more deals and close them faster, and the company’s return on investment from marketing spend has doubled.

Despite being a self-serve platform, 4C prides themselves on their customer-centricity. And given the complexity and competitiveness of the marketplace, it’s important that they always have a pulse on client sentiment, show customers that they’re listening, and deliver on their promise with products that solve customer needs.

Dave Kaduk, VP of Client Engagement, says SurveyMonkey CX gives them the customer feedback they need to guide their business roadmap. Beyond that, though, he says it’s helped them get more granular with their customers.

“We used to just handle every customer the same. Now we break them out, we have different surveys for the different types of customers that we have.”

With the information 4C gathers from customers, they’re able to take action quickly and have seen positive results.

Since implementing SurveyMonkey CX and creating a formal NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) program, they’ve seen a 20% increase in their NPS.

With six offices around the world and a rapidly growing employee base, 4C’s Chief Human Resources Officer Kim Norwesh was faced with a few key challenges—how to make sure all of her employees are happy and thriving and how to maintain the culture that made 4C special.  

SurveyMonkey Engage makes it possible for her to keep tabs on employees in all of their global offices.

It’s kind of like my eyes and ears around the world for my employees.

Kim found monthly pulse surveys are an easy way to get regular feedback with minimal effort, and the anonymity of the surveys allows for honest and transparent feedback from employees that is vital to their company culture.

Just by listening to employees, Kim’s team discovered more tenured employees felt disconnected from newer team members, which allowed them to take action and implement a program to connect employees in a fun, relaxed way.  

Since putting Engage in place, Kim has noticed more positive reviews for 4C on Glassdoor.

“We have to develop questions, hypotheses, and actually track down and see and test and learn,” says Aaron Goldman. And, he adds, it’s SurveyMonkey products that make it possible for them to gather the insights they need to run their business.

SurveyMonkey gives 4C a window into our customers our employees and our prospects.