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4 interesting surveys (with benefits)

4 interesting surveys (with benefits)

Some of us like to take surveys. Just because. And it may come as no surprise that there are a disproportionate number of us who fall into that bucket here at SurveyMonkey.  But we realize that sometimes, a little kicker included makes a survey, well…even more fun.

Here are four interesting surveys we recently tweeted out that are great on their own, but also come with added benefits:

Social Media Examiner

What it’s about: Share your experiences with social media marketing

Benefit: All participants will receive a free copy of the full report


What it’s about: Help Dan Zarrella and HubSpot study email behaviors

Benefit: Respondents are entered to win an iPad


What it’s about: Share what your Valentine’s Day greeting card plans are

Benefit: Participants have a chance to win a digital camera or snapily gift cards (and be a hero for Valentine’s Day)


What it’s about: Share your opinion on the definition of a galaxy

Benefit: Show how smart you are (if it’s not abundantly clear…)