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Want to Develop a Great Product? Here Are 3 Ways Your Customers Can Help

Want to Develop a Great Product? Here Are 3 Ways Your Customers Can Help

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.53.08 PMIf your company provides a product or service (online or otherwise), you’ve probably got a product team dedicated to developing new features that’ll help you enhance the customer experience, stay competitive, and turn a profit.

But are your customers part of that team?

They should be. And just like any valued team member, you need their feedback to get results. After all, you’ll only be successful if you’reable to create the products and features they want. Not what you think they want. (Tweet this.)

That’s what Eric Peacock, founder and CEO of MyHealthTeams (which creates local and social networks for chronic disease communities) says about how his company adds products or features to its platform.

Here are Peacock’s 3 tips on how your company can collect customer feedback to create the perfect product:

  1. Have ambassadors. Give customers permission to make your product even better. It’s important to reach out to customers to tell them you want their feedback–positive or negative. In turn, your customers will feel like you care about their opinions and that they have an active role in shaping your product or service. They’re more likely to be loyal customers and will become your strongest advocates, recommending your product to their friends, family, and colleagues.
  2. Collect feedback constantly. The best way to collect customer feedback? Think of customers as a part of the team you work with daily. Though you may not see them in the office, they’re always working with your product by troubleshooting and thinking of ways it could be better. And how can you collect customer feedback? Peacock says a great way to send out customer satisfaction surveys is through SurveyMonkey. Send surveys to customers online–via email, social channels, or embed the survey into your website directly to listen to your customers.
  3. Look at what customers do with your product. Are customers finding a workaround for your tricky online user interface? Are they trying to make your product better–even before you do? Consider how customers use your product as feedback in and of itself–so you can make adjustments based on what they’re trying to achieve.

Watch Peacock describe how MyHealthTeams improve their product by reaching out to customers and observing how they use their platform:

Has customer feedback informed your company’s new products or features? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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