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3 Tips for Using Small Business CRM Platforms to Drive Customer Growth

3 Tips for Using Small Business CRM Platforms to Drive Customer Growth

Business tipsHow do customer insights, feedback, and CRM platforms all come together? With so much data, it can sometimes be hard to uncover actionable goals for your business.

However, the brilliant minds at SalesforceIQ have spent plenty of time thinking about these issues and how the answers can also help your business succeed.

Marketing Manager Kristie Sein has some pointers for using small business CRM and customer feedback to grow your business in the right direction.

Take it away, Kristie!

While studies have shown that data-driven companies are, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors, small businesses may find it challenging to implement data-driven practices in their normal business operations.

If you run a small business, it’s likely you’re strapped for time and resources. So where do you get started in your quest to become a data-driven company? One of the easiest ways to measure your performance and make improvements to your business is by collecting customer feedback.

Startup businesses can save time and expand efforts by leveraging smart technology to automate the customer feedback process. Combined with a CRM tool for small business, you can utilize the data to identify growth opportunities and focus your team on more on bottom-line efforts, such as expanding customer pipeline value or following up on new leads and opportunities.

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Survey tools can scale the efforts of customer feedback process, too! An effective survey will identify opportunities with your existing customer base in addition to providing you with insights on how to expand your business. Customer satisfaction surveys enrich the data in your sales tools and can help your team:

1. Identify opportunities

Feedback can reveal where a customer is in their own growth and operations, providing an ideal opportunity for upsells or marketing development. Customer feedback from surveys can easily be synced into a CRM system so that all teams–account managers, support, billing– supporting the customer can view the feedback and help nurture the account when the time is right.

Surveys can also identify customer advocates, which allow you to reach out with marketing opportunities such as customer testimonials, participation in thought leadership events, or panels. These efforts will boost your business development activities when you have customers willing to speak on your behalf.

2. Minimize critical accounts

Feedback can also quickly identify unhappy customers. When survey data is recorded into the CRM, your sales team will have more qualitative data on the health of their customer accounts and can immediately provide proactive outreach to better support those accounts and reduce customer churn. Smart integrations that automate data entry for important customers will enable your team to easily identify and prioritize resolution to critical accounts.

3. Inform product development

Customer feedback can identify gaps in your offering which will help inform, guide, or validate your business roadmap and development.  A better understanding of your customer’s needs and requests will enable you to ship better products or launch more attractive services to grow your business. Capturing those feature requests in your CRM will also create a record of those asks so when the service or feature becomes available, you’ll have a list of customers ready to target for upgrades!

Having customer insights is critical in growing businesses, and leveraging a small business CRM to store the data in a centralized place for future reference can take your business even further. You’ll not only have the full context and data of the relationship to hold productive conversations with your customers, but also will have established a record of opportunities to nurture and grow for the future.

SurveyMonkey Salesforce IQ integrationSalesforce IQ is a CRM optimized for small business, designed to process and analyze customer communication data automatically to empower sales professionals to sell smarter without changing their daily business routine.

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