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3 Tips for Increasing Education & Resource Awareness for Nonprofits

3 Tips for Increasing Education & Resource Awareness for Nonprofits

I Have WillHelping others is a priority of ours. Whether it’s giving educators the support they need to ensure their students’ voices are being heard or giving nonprofits the improved ability to measure their organizations’ impact, we’re proud to offer a wide range of resources to our customers.

I Have Will—a nonprofit that brings together awareness, education, support and resources through technology for those in recovery from substance abuse addictions—is just one of our many customers in the nonprofit space dedicated to helping others. Please welcome guest blogger, Brandis O’Dell, the founder of I Have Will, who shares how her organization uses surveys and feedback to make these life-saving resources discoverable for those who need it.

Welcome, Brandis.

After founding I Have Will, we consistently received messages from people asking for trusted addiction resources or asking about others’ experiences with sober living homes and halfway houses. Since we have a highly engaged community with similar backgrounds and stories of recovery, or who have loved ones who are currently in treatment, we have an informed support network ready to help others. This is where SurveyMonkey came in.

Collect relevant and custom feedback

In order to get feedback from our user base of people with the relevant experiences, I Have Will implemented these three approaches when launching our survey projects:

1. Listening to their users

We surveyed users to find out what they thought of certain rehabilitation centers, sober living/halfway houses and asked their opinions on utilizing a wearable device in relation to recovery. Learning about their experiences participating in meetings via video and sponsors on demand were also crucial data points for us. These responses allowed us to generate reliable, trusted resources driven by answers from people who have lived in these situations.

2. Collecting project-based feedback

In sending surveys, we were able to get a much better feel for where our unique users’ interests lie. That way, we can be certain that the investments we are making in our projects are accurate. This feedback allows to stick to the goal that is at the heart of I Have Will—to truly be the ultimate support system and one-stop destination for our users.

3. Leveraging social media and partnerships

We share the surveys every week through social media platforms to our users. We also work with various other organizations that focus specifically on raising awareness and providing support groups to share with their user base as well.

Keep it simple

The biggest challenge we face by far? Getting people to recognize that the face of addiction can vary. Most organizations are very niche; they focus on one specific area of addiction—heroin, crystal meth, alcohol. This can mean that for the person struggling with addiction, or for their family members seeking help, it makes finding that help even more difficult.

Surveys designed with the purpose of providing solutions to problems people have faced, is a quick and easy way that everyone in the addiction and recovery community can contribute. SurveyMonkey is easy to use, offer survey templates, and our users appreciate the ability to remain anonymous while giving their feedback.

To learn more about I Have Will and see how you can help, please visit their resource page or leave Brandis a question in our Comments section below.

Interested in sharing your story with us? We’re always looking to learn from our customers—contact us here

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