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A 2012 Review–Our Favorite Product Updates!

A 2012 Review–Our Favorite Product Updates!

We can hardly believe it, but 2012 is almost over and it’s certainly been keeping us busy! We’ve been spending lots of man-hours (or monkey-hours, if you will) gathering and listening to customer feedback and testing out new features. All of this has allowed us to build some great new products in order to make your survey design experience the best that it can be. If you happened to miss out on any of our new feature updates over the course of this year, never fear! Here’s a quick recap of some of 2012’s best. Take note and have fun creating amazing surveys!

Analyze Beta

Customers let us know that clicking around to a bunch of different places in order to find their survey respondents’ data was not ideal, that they loved charts and that having more options to view data in reports they create would be great! Our team has been working hard at developing a new interface for users where filtering and comparing abilities will be all in one page- no more pesky clicking. Customers will also soon have 8 types of charts to choose from and last but not least, the ability to produce different views of your data with a single click, will also be available. Also, we’ve recently added the ability to export your survey data–in Excel, CSV, or PDF with SPSS soon to come! For more on the Analyze Beta’s new look, check out our original announcement here but if you’re ready to get started, sign up here and have Analyze Beta added to your account today!

Create Update

A brand spanking new survey design experience is on the way and our Product Team has been working diligently on some big new changes to the look and functionality of making surveys. Some cool new features that our customers can expect include the ability to consolidate question types, preview themes, integrated access to survey Templates and Question Bank, and more! It’s a work in progress that we’re proud of and we can’t wait to share our progress with all of you. We’re also relying on your comments, suggestions and feedback so be sure to follow the blog and leave us your thoughts. Get the full scoop from our Product Manager on the Create Update and keep an eye out for more updates to come.

Logged-in Home Page

We asked our customers what would help them most in getting their surveys off the ground and they spoke! Tips on how to design a survey and best practices on collecting responses were the most popular requests and behold, our new Logged-in Home Page was born. Here, customers can easily discover new features and quickly locate a summary of their most active surveys. It’s also a one-stop-shop where we can share our tips, tricks and more advanced survey design content. Read more about what you can find on the Home Page here.


SurveyMonkey Audience

We’re super excited to bring a dynamic and powerful new feature that we believe will help drive and improve your research abilities in surveying. The concept is simple: you tell us how many respondents you need for your survey, who your target demographic is, how fast you need responses, and we do the rest! With SurveyMonkey Audience, we find you the right respondents quickly, cost-effectively and will deliver completed surveys to you within 2-5 business days. It takes only a few minutes to set up–all within your existing SurveyMonkey account. With respondents currently available in the USA, the UK, France, Canada, Australia and more- the world is at your fingertips!

These are just a sample of some of the many exciting new features we have been working on this year here at SurveyMonkey and as always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and letting us know what we can do to make your surveying even happier. Here’s to 2013!

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21 thoughts on “A 2012 Review–Our Favorite Product Updates!

  1. Joe Scudder says:

    I wish there were more features where respondents can get feedback after they have taken an assessment. For example, for class or consulting purposes I would like to be able to provide respondents immediately with their scores on various types of assessments. This is a place where Blackboard tools are weak. SurveyMonkey is mostly a one-way street right now with the participants getting little value out of the process.

    SurveyMonkey could have a lot of educational uses beyond research.

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Joe! You can do this when using our Share Response feature starting with our Select plan. Check out our How-to here: We also have the Instant Results feature that you might find useful as well:

      Let us know if that helps and thank you for your feedback!

  2. michael says:

    What about visual analog scales on survey questions? Have you developed these types of questions yet?

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Michael, great suggestion! We unfortunately don’t offer visual analog scales at this time but will forward this on to our product team. We do have the ability to create Likert Scale type questions using our Rating Scale question features. You can find more info on that at our Help Center page: Hope this helps!

      Thanks for reading and for your feedback. :)

  3. Serena says:

    I am currently conducting a piece of research and I am wondering how long it might be before you have made done of these fantastic changes such as transferring data to spss?

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Serena, we currently do offer this ability starting with our Gold Plan users. You can find the info page on our different plans and features here:

      Thanks for reading and good luck with your research!

  4. HORDO says:

    Thank you for your 2012 Review Fovorits.

  5. Mel Gill says:

    Still waiting for you to develop the capacity to total the numerical responses for each question and generate an average of all the questions

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Mel, thank you for the feedback, we’ll be sure to pass this on to our Product team. Appreciate the suggestion and thanks for reading!

  6. Kathy says:

    Hi! Will the filtering enhancements include the ability to click on one bar of a bar chart to automatically filter the report to include only those responses? I had this functionality in a previous tool and found it extremely helpful.

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Kathy! Thanks for the great question. Yep, we’re planning to offer that ability. Our Product team will continue to add new updates and features to the Analyze Beta so keep an eye on it and on the Blog for more news on that and others.



    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Manish! Thanks for your question. You might want to first start with our overall info page for SurveyMonkey Audience:

      And here’s all you need to know on how to get started and how to collect feedback with Audience:

      Let us know if that helps and thanks for reading!

  8. Doug Miles says:

    Desperately need the ability to group answers in a filter (eg, countries into regions) and then compare the filters (N. America, Europe, etc).

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Doug! Currently, the ability to filter your responses begins with our Select plan. You can find more info on our plans here:

      Here’s more information on how to filter and group here at our Help Center:

      Hope this helps and thank you for reading!

  9. Candice Reyes says:

    I have to do approx 60 customer service surveys twice a year. Very time-consuming. I put the name of the person that the survey is regarding in the Title so that it shows on every page of the survey. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to stand out much; and I continually get responses with comments about one person in a survey for a different person. Is there anything you can do to make that field jump out at you, like bigger typestyle or brighter more contracting color? Also…
    There are 13 questions and 10 of them require comments if the answer is negative and there are fields for optional comments if the answer is positive. The report I get back has every the answers for each question or comments on a separate tab in Excel. This is unacceptable format to give someone at their review and my director requests me to reformat this all in one Excel tab along with adding formulas to figure average points for all the answers except the “did not observe” ones. Also, she wants the comments for each question right below the summary of the answers for each of the 10 questions. It’s very time-consuming to do this for 60 of them every 6 months! Fortunately, I have an Excel macro that someone created for me to get it all on one tab, but there is still a lot of clean-up. This is a nice program – easy to create surveys and send them out – but the reports I get back require too much clean-up. I’ve looked at switching to another type of survey program, but it wasn’t much better.

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Candice,

      Beginning with our Professional plan, you can change the font and size within your survey. With sizes in SurveyMonkey, we use keywords to change sizing:

      Web Font Sizes and How They Work:
      With SurveyMonkey, we use keywords to specify the sizes. Upon selecting a Property in the theme builder, a “1 – 5” drop-down menu for font sizes is accessible. The numbers relate to the keywords based on the following:

      1 = x-small
      2 = small
      3 = medium
      4 = large
      5 = x-large

      You can find more info on changing fonts and themes here in our Help Center:

      Hope this helps and thank you for reading!

  10. richard h says:

    I would love to see VAS or visual analogue scales added to the questiin type: a line is created and allocated a certain number of units (Say 100Units) and a descriptor is allowed at each end (nothing in between) and the participant makes a mark on the line (a simple ‘X’ appears) and this returns a value from 0 to 100 (or allocated value)

    likert scales have limitations and many medical questionnaires utilise VAS.

    Would love to see this developed – would greatly increase utility of survey monkey to healthcare

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Richard, thanks so much for this excellent feedback and for the suggestions! We’ve passed it on to our Product team and thanks for reading.

  11. Dharmesh says:

    Is there an option whereby the last box gets auto-populated in percentage questions, so that the responses add upto a 100 automatically?

    Also, I too believe that the VAS-type questions would be a great addition to the SM repertoire.



    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi there, we don’t have this option currently but great question. We’ll share this with our Product team. Thanks for reading!

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