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Project Estimate
How Your Price Is Calculated

The price per response includes the number of survey questions*, targeting options you select, and incidence rate.

Your total price per response is

Survey Questions
1 – 15: $1.00
16 – 27: $2.00
28 – 39: $3.50
40 – 50: $5.00

Targeting Options
$0.50 – $20.00 per targeted option

Incidence Rate
75 – 100%: $0.25
50 – 74%: $0.75
35 – 49%: $1.50
20 – 34%: $5.00
10 – 19%: $9.00
0 – 9% not available

Age Balancing
Full: $0.50

*Matrix questions are counted as one question per row. We ignore image and text description questions.

All prices in USD.

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VAT not included.
Sorry, there aren't enough available members matching your criteria. This may be because they are already taking other surveys, or because your criteria is too specific.

You can relax your targeting criteria.
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Please refresh the page to continue.
Your survey is longer than 50 questions. Long surveys can cause respondent fatigue and poor answers. Please remove questions to proceed.

Each row in the Matrix/Rating Scale question type counts as a separate question. Text descriptions and Images do not count as questions. If you use skip logic, we count all questions in the longest path through your survey.
Projects with screen-in rates below 10% are not supported!

In order to have your project be successful, we recommend you only run projects with screen in rates above 10%
Project settings are incompatible with Full Age Balancing!

In order to use Full Age Balancing ensure that you have selected over 500 completes and a compatible age range. Try increasing the targeted age range and ensuring the project has 500 completes.
Your BASIC plan allows 100 responses per survey.

Upgrade to any pro plan to get unlimited responses, or select no more than 100 responses.

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