Lead your team with confidence by relying on data rather than instinct

Validate your roadmap

Be confident in what you’re building next. See how your MAU, churn, and ARPU metrics stack up to the competition. Use propensity reports to discover complementary apps and features your users use.

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Benchmark your app’s performance

Discover if your metrics are good, bad, or ugly. See how other mobile apps perform beyond just app ranking and downloads. Run engagement, retention, and time-per-day reports across iOS and Android platforms.

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Track your competitors

Know what you’re up against. See your competitors’ active users, number of downloads, revenue, and growth rates. Discover where and how long users are spending their time.

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Understand the effect of new features

Pinpoint which features are having a positive or negative effect on app usage. See how apps perform on days used per week and sessions per day to discover if those new features had an impact.

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