Where does SurveyMonkey Intelligence data come from?

Our data are based on a sample of users. These users use one of our mobile consumer apps and agree to share their app usage data with us and become a part of our user panel. The panel’s data in aggregate is then used to estimate usage statistics for the U.S. smartphone population. To ensure our panel is representative of the population as a whole, we apply statistically sound adjustment techniques that take into account many factors, including demographics.

Statistically reliable data

We only display data that meet our standards and that we are confident to share. In order to live up to our quality standards, we don’t provide estimates for apps where we can’t reliably provide high quality data.

Industry-leading panel depth

Since launching the panel in 2015, we have collected data from over a million smartphone users in the United States. The breadth and diversity of our panel allow us to provide meaningful insights on over 3,000 apps.

Periodic panelist refresh

To proactively account for the possible bias due to panel churn and to keep our panel broadly representative, we recruit new users to join the panel daily. Each month, on average, we replace about one in five of our users.

Panel quality

Not all the data we collect are included in our estimates. Data from our panelists are subject to rigorous quality checks to minimize bias associated with installing our apps and are routinely discarded if the usage and behavior patterns suggest the data are not valid.

Data-based panelist recruitment

To get the right output, you need the right input. We closely monitor the demographics, app usage behavior, and metadata of every incoming panelist. These data inform our approach to acquisition and retention to ensure a balanced panel.

Ongoing benchmarking

Everyone needs a sanity check. We work closely with publishers and regularly compare our panel data to actual mobile app performance statistics of existing companies. We do this to assure the accuracy of our estimates and fine-tune results.

How are we different from other solutions out there?

Deeper reports

  • Exclusive leaderboards, only available through our dashboard
  • Usage data that is hard to come by (MAU, downloads)
  • Deep demographics reports such as age, income, education, and more

Easy to consume data

  • Value in just a few clicks
  • Built for product managers, developers, investors and not large enterprises
  • Exportable and visually appealing charts and reports

Affordable pricing

  • Free downloads and MAU data– no credit card required
  • No hidden fees, no licenses, and no black boxes
  • Transparent plans and prices. View plans

Frequently asked questions

How big is your panel?

Since we started the panel in 2015, we have collected data from over 1 million unique mobile users who have agreed to share their mobile usage behavior. We employ a set of proprietary criteria to determine the number of panelists whose data are used to make estimates during a particular time period. This allows us to ensure our panel is representative of the US smartphone population and provides unbiased estimates.

How are you getting your data?

We get our data from a large panel of smartphone users who consent to share their mobile app usage data with us. A number of special mobile apps collect data directly from panelists’ phones, allowing us to rely on actual usage statistics, not panelists’ recollections of their smartphone usage. We then employ a series of proprietary statistical adjustment techniques to construct overall usage estimates.

How much does SurveyMonkey Intelligence cost?

SurveyMonkey Intelligence is built on a freemium model and has four different plans. The first plan is free and gives you access to basic reports such as downloads and monthly active users. View plans.

What is offered in the free version of SurveyMonkey Intelligence?

SurveyMonkey Intelligence provides free access to downloads and active user data (monthly active users), more than what any other services offer free of charge.

Who is your mobile panel? How do you source them?

SurveyMonkey Intelligence data is based on a large national sample of Android and iOS users across smartphone devices in the United States. Our panel consists of users who install our mobile apps directly from mobile app stores, users we have acquired from SurveyMonkey’s proprietary Contribute panel, and from advertising campaigns on social networks that are targeted at recruiting panelists from underrepresented segments. We use proprietary statistical techniques to adjust the sample continuously to reflect the composition of smartphone users in the U.S.

Can’t I just get this information in the app store?

While you can review user ratings in the app store, there’s no way to gather user statistics, churn data, etc. without an app intelligence platform like SurveyMonkey Intelligence.

How accurate is SurveyMonkey Intelligence?

SurveyMonkey Intelligence provides best estimates. We use proven, widely accepted statistical techniques to understand and quantify the precision of our estimates. We have a team of well seasoned research methodologists who have extensive experience with digital data and online panels to ensure our data are statistically sound.

How is SurveyMonkey Intelligence different from competitors?

Our team was frustrated in trying to get accurate competitive app statistics at an affordable price, which led us to create a tool to help people make great decisions with mobile data. SurveyMonkey Intelligence addresses this by providing an easy to use, powerful platform that provides accurate mobile statistics on mobile apps to help app publishers and investors. We provide free metrics such as monthly active user and download data and deeper analysis such as engagement and retention data, propensity reports and proprietary leaderboards.

How often is the data updated?

The SurveyMonkey Intelligence platform is populated with new data every day.

How do you protect consumer privacy?

We do not share data about any individual panelists. We are interested in aggregated and anonymized patterns of usage. All our data is stored securely in data centers located within the United States.

Why am I not able to find certain apps?

We track many thousands of mobile apps but data quality is paramount. In order to live up to our quality standards, we don’t provide estimates for apps where we can’t reliably provide high quality data.

Your data is off, why is that?

Our data are estimates based on a sample of users. Like any estimate based on a sample, data from SurveyMonkey Intelligence are subject to a number of known errors including sampling error and coverage error. If you have additional questions about our estimates, please get in touch and our research team will be happy to answer your questions.

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