Gain critical access to mobile app data with accurate, timely, and granular metrics


Track your competitors

  • Make roadmap decisions with data rather than gut feeling
  • Track, monitor, and compare multiple apps in a side-by-side view for metrics you care about the most
  • Understand how new features impact competitors’ metrics
  • Easily filter by OS and store category, export chart images, and download CSV data


Benchmark your metrics

  • Benchmark your app’s engagement and retention to uncover areas of opportunity and potential threats
  • Identify emerging themes and competitors early with leaderboards and comparisons across time
  • Anticipate what app users need to better inform your app development and acquisition efforts
  • Forecast and track changes in growth and monetization


Identify mobile trends

  • Get access to market share information that would be otherwise unavailable to uncover trends and threats
  • Easily identify the most attractive app categories and emerging favorites
  • Use data to separate actual trends from the noise
  • Understand competitive positions, app overlap, and true market size


Do better diligence

  • Access rich, accurate, and timely data on any major mobile app to really know what’s going on
  • Recognize which apps are poised for breakthrough to pursue the right partnerships and prospects
  • Run your own proprietary analyses
  • Create detailed growth and revenue forecasts to understand company performance in real time