Track app rank history for thousands of mobile apps for free

SurveyMonkey Intelligence now offers app rank history for thousands of iOS and Android smartphone apps. These new reports reflect our continuing efforts to build the best and most-affordable intelligence tool for mobile app competitor analysis.

These app download and revenue ranking histories are available in all SurveyMonkey Intelligence plans, including our Free plan. (Sign up for a Free plan in less than one minute.)

This historical app ranking data supplements our existing database of detailed app download statistics and revenue estimates for thousands of mobile apps.

App download ranking history

With these new reports, you can check out months of smartphone app download ranking history for both iOS and Android app store charts.

We also provide download ranking histories for apps on both the “free” and “paid” charts.

App download ranking history

The screenshot above shows an example of a report for historical download rankings of four apps on Google Play’s “free” charts.

  • Facebook continues to cling to the top of the download charts.
  • Pokemon GO’s declining rankings reflect its shrinking popularity.
  • Venmo also appears to be experiencing a general decline in its download rank, although at a less dramatic rate.
  • Flash-in-the-pan apps like Artisto see a sudden and dramatic rise to the top of the charts, only to see a swift fall back down to earth a short time later.

With SurveyMonkey Intelligence, you can track and compare these app download ranking history patterns and more.

App revenue ranking history

Other new reports in the SurveyMonkey Intelligence dashboard can reveal months of app revenue ranking history for both iOS and Android smartphone apps.

App revenue ranking history

In this particular example, we see that Pokemon GO continues to hover near the top of the revenue rankings in spite of its declining download rankings.

Highly-valued continues to improve its app business, seeing its app climb the revenue ranks.

Finally in this example, we see Hay Day maintains (and even sometimes improves!) a very respectable ranking for a mobile game that was released over four years ago.

What’s your app rank history?

Doesn’t it sound satisfying to see a chart that shows exactly when your app ranking surpassed that of your app competitor(s)?

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