Survey Science


3 Ways to Prepare Your Survey Data for Easier Analysis and Reporting

Seeing results immediately is one of the many great things about running your own online surveys; no more waiting for someone else to collect and tally interviews and send along the numbers. But fast access...

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How to Perform a Longitudinal Study: Tracking Your Performance Over Time

A survey is like a snapshot: From one survey, you can only draw conclusions about a single time, place, and group of people. And often, that’s all you need to know. But sometimes, you also...

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Research & Data

5 Common Survey Question Mistakes That’ll Ruin Your Data

You may already know the questions you want to ask in your survey, but how you write your survey questions can be the difference between a good and a bad survey. How a question is written...

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Avoid Bias

Don’t Let Your Own Opinions Sneak Into Your Survey: 4 Ways to Avoid Researcher Bias

Bias is the mortal enemy of all surveys, and as a survey creator it’s important to guard against it to make sure you get reliable results. Over the years we've developed many tips to...

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How to Offer Survey Incentives Without Sacrificing Good Data

Even if you have the perfect survey, ultimately the success of your survey is in the hands of your potential respondents. But don’t worry---you aren’t completely reliant upon their will. There's something you can do...

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Jon and Mario

SurveyMonkey Speaker Series: Mario Callegaro, Survey Research Scientist at Google UK

One of the many things we love about surveys? Sharing tips and best practices on how to make your surveys even more powerful so that you can collect the quality data you need. And...

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Sarah Cho

WATCH: Our Survey Pro Answers Your Top Survey Questions of 2014

You've got questions. We've got answers. And as it's almost the end of the year, we want to make sure that you have all the survey knowledge you need to make informed decisions for...

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