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Asking for Customer Feedback Improves Customer Retention. Period!

Sending feedback surveys to customers helps your organization thrive, says a new study--even if customers aren't actually completing them. Really! Research conducted by Rice University Professor Dr. Paul Dholakia and Dr. Vicki Morwitz and published...

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Survey Tips!

How to Remind Survey Respondents with the Email Invitation Collector

So there you are...It’s Monday morning. Coffee's in hand, computer's fired up. You excitedly open up your SurveyMonkey account to view the responses that have filled up your Analyze page over the weekend. You're...

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5 Ways to Get the Survey Data You Want

Give us your feedback! We want to know what you think! Help us improve! It’s likely you’ve received a feedback survey at some point, either online or in a store. In fact, according to our...

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The Key to a Lifelong Customer? Meet Their Four Expectations

Across industries, you know that on the most basic level, providing good customer service is all about meeting customer expectations. But do you know what makes for excellent customer service? New research reveals that...

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The Best Way to Map the Customer Journey: Take a Walk in Their Shoes

How do you know what your really customers want? Sales, quality products and services, good customer service--sure. But what happens when you think you're offering your customers the moon (and more) but they still...

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Ask a Survey Expert

How Do I Prevent Respondents from Skipping My Survey Questions?

Dear Survey Expert, I was checking out my survey responses and I see that a number of questions are showing as having been skipped by my survey respondents. I’ve made all of my questions required,...

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Expert Advice: Strategic Listening is the Secret to Business Success

Hey there, marketing mavens and business buffs! Whether you help run a small startup or champion a Fortune 500 company, it’s always a good idea to keep an ear to the ground--so you can...

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