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Consumer Clicks Reveal Which Social Media Sites Are Best for Advertising

Do you know where your target market is spending their time (and money) online? In our latest consumer Trends Tracker Report with Blueshift Research, we reveal social media ad effectiveness by channel and demographic---so you...

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customer satisfaction and ratings

INFOGRAPHIC: Is Your Business Meeting Customer Expectations?

Relationships are tough, and none are more complex than that of a business and its customers. It’s a relationship built on trust, service, and meeting customers’ expectations—with businesses often scrambling to avoid a nasty...

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Which Awards Show Has the Best Viewer Brand Awareness?

If you've lost interest in awards shows as of late, you're not alone. It seems that despite the millions of dollars marketers are spending to promote viewership each year, there's a perpetual need to increase these numbers due...

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What will technology look like in 20 years?

Do Americans Fear the Future?

Receiving an award for doing something great is par for the course, right? Well, what about awards for the not-so-great or for the downright awful? From customer service to Hollywood, public pats on the back for...

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How likely are you to buy a drone?

Do Americans Care About Drones?

Drones. Once only part of sci-fi films and futuristic worlds, drones are now on the rise...both literally and figuratively. An increasing number of industries have begun to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for...

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Washing Away the Competition: An Inside Look at the Shampoo Industry’s Top Brands

Even if your brand is resonating with consumers right now, you want to keep an eye on the competitive landscape, adjust to changing consumer expectations, and make sure you stay #1, all while moving at...

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3 Secrets Behind Uber’s Success in the Ridesharing Industry

Today, many marketers struggle to get good competitive data. Most companies have extensive data on their own customers, but understanding their competitors’ customers and the larger industry landscape can be challenging. We’ve run thousands of industry...

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