Customer Spotlight

Market Research

How Market Research Fuels Product, Sales, and Marketing Teams

When it comes to market research, a survey is a great place to start. You can gain insights about your brand reputation, your target market, and so much more. And the same survey can also...

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Rachelle's class

How to Collect High-Quality Student Feedback to Improve Your Teaching

Rachelle Poth, Spanish teacher at Riverview Junior Senior High School, understands the value of listening. Especially when it comes to her students---listening is key. And in turn, the opportunity for her students to take...

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Dr. Todd Schlesinger

How This Successful Medical Practice Uses Surveys to Keep Patients Healthy (and Loyal)

You've heard us say this before: Work smarter, not harder. Well, we mean it. And we love sharing real-life examples of this motto in action from our incredibly diverse customer base. These stories are...

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How to Lift Your CRM with Surveys

In the spirit of winter (Let it snow!) we’re thrilled to welcome guest blogger Otto Imken, VP of Customer Support at Liftopia. Based in San Francisco, Liftopia operates an online marketplace that helps skiers...

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How to Collect Data Like a Pro in Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate & Government

In case you haven’t noticed, we blog monkeys have been all about the wrap-ups lately. From rounding up our favorite survey tips of the year to sharing expert advice on some of your most...

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How to Create Value for Your Customers Through SEO Research

Recently, we were contacted by a wonderful customer, Karan Sharma. Karan, an inbound marketing manager at linkbird, was very excited to share a recent customer feedback survey he ran for his company via SurveyMonkey. linkbird is...

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Small Business Owners: Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

As a small business owner, knowing exactly what your customers want is absolutely crucial. And figuring out what they want can be as simple as just asking. But you want to be sure you're...

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