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The Office

Unwrapping the Truth Behind Workplace Holiday Celebrations

That’s right folks: December is here and that means holiday planning is in full force. If shopping, wrapping, and inexplicably wanting a peppermint mocha everyday weren’t enough...well, many of us will also be taking...

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Who Really Runs the Office?

The big boss might have the most power in the office, but you’d be surprised to learn who’s second in command. Office supply chain store Staples tweeted a SurveyMonkey survey to the workforce and learned...

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Mobile Phones for Business

Bring Your Own Device to Work, Consumers Weigh In On Mobile Phone Options

Yesterday, our chief monkey Dave Goldberg, appeared on Bloomberg West with Emily Chang for January's SurveyMonkey Shakedown segment to talk about the workplace trend of using personal mobile devices. This month's survey also focused...

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