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The 5 Best Integrations to Help Analyze Your SurveyMonkey Data

What’s a survey without the juicy data we squeeze out after collection? Once you have those delicious responses on hand, it’s time to get your analysis on and see what interesting information you have...

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Changes to product catalog

Improving the SurveyMonkey Audience Member Experience

All of us here on the SurveyMonkey Audience team are constantly working hard in order to continue making your survey experience the best that it can be--whether you're identifying the right target audience for...

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surveymonkey's mother's day survey

Mother’s Day

In anticipation of Mother's Day, we've been asking you — dear customers — to share (though a survey, of course!) some of the special ways you celebrate your mom. We had a hunch that...

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Google+ versus Facebook— Facts Revealed! (A Social Networks Survey: Part 4, Site Strengths and Weaknesses)

This week, we’re concluding our 4-part series on competing social networks: Google+ and Facebook. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we surveyed over 1,400 people to get a sense of how the public uses the two social media platforms....

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A Very Spooky Survey!

Here at SurveyMonkey, we LOVE dressing up. We love it so much, we hold monthly dress-up days. So, it shouldn't surprise you that we're crazy about Halloween! So, in order to properly celebrate, we decided...

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Product Planning with Smartsheet (Part Two)

Last week, we profiled a survey conducted by Smartsheet, a popular online project management and collaboration tool. After creating a survey which would allow them to better understand their customer base and help prioritize their product enhancements, the...

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“Other” Answers to Streaming Websites

Streaming media has been a hot topic ever since major services like Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, YouTube and Hulu (just to name a few) forged ahead by offering streaming and subscription offerings. Recently, we’ve noticed a...

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