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Market Research

How Market Research Fuels Product, Sales, and Marketing Teams

When it comes to market research, a survey is a great place to start. You can gain insights about your brand reputation, your target market, and so much more. And the same survey can also...

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The Importance of Creating a Survey with Your Target Audience In Mind

Let's face it. Sometimes survey writing can be intimidating. In addition to clearly defining your survey's goals and adding easy-to-understand questions, making sure you have the right audience to provide their feedback can make...

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How to Get Responses–Fast (and Get Yourself an A+)

Your final project is due next week. You want to impress your professor (boss | client | self). You need some primary research to seal the deal. But how are you going to find...

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A New Way to Get Targeted Survey Responses

Have a survey where you need a specific, target audience to respond? SurveyMonkey is piloting a new program that enables you to send your survey to respondents who match specific criteria you have in...

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